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July/Aug 2003

WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 34 - Out Now!
Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues! Note - Issue 25 now Out Of Print!
WitchCraft Magazine has changed its publishing schedule slightly, still a bi-monthly magazine, though issue 35 will cover Oct-Dec03. All issues after that will be as normal.

Chalices - New Additions
Take a look at our Chalices page, we have added a few new Chalices and adjust some prices to save you even more!

Charm and Heart Bracelets - NEW
You can now order Solid Heart Charm Bracelets or Albert Style Bracelets - See our page update. Available in solid Sterling Silver, Solid 9ct ROSE GOLD and solid 9ct.

Belt Buckle - NEW
Solid Bronze, High Seal of Solomon belt buckle. Great detail.

~~ SPECIAL OFFER ~~ ORDER $100 value of goods or over (not incl post) and you will receive one of our Sterling Silver Woven Knotwork Bangles - With our Compliments!
Offer Valid while stocks last......(value $12.50-$14.50 AUD each).
WHY are we giving away these precious bangles? We think these are so good we want you to see for yourself! Just fill in the field on our order form - YES or NO to receive your FREE Silver Bangle......these make great gifts for yourself, friends and family!

Celtic Woven Knot Bangles and Charm Bracelets - NEW
A new range of Charm and Love Heart Bracelets and Woven Knotwork Bangles available in solid Sterling Silver, Solid 9ct ROSE GOLD and solid 9ct YELLOW GOLD. This range is of excellent quality, made in the UK. Please Tell us what you think.

Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold and Sterling Silver Chain/Bracelets - NEW
Please take a look at our large range of Chain which you can order to go with our pendants or just on its own. There is some lovely Charm Bracelets and Celtic Bangles too. This range is of excellent quality, made in the UK, each chain link is individually soldered, all the chain is solid, not hollow and each piece has a very high lustre and finish.

Please contact me via email for a price on any item, simply quote its code number. We would also like to hear your feedback as we are currently selecting a range from the catalogue to offer you on this site. Please email me at chain@whitemagic.com.au - Thankyou so much.

May/June 2003

*****Whats Coming Up In The Realm!
More new Chalices, Dragons Blood Gum (gold stamped - 250gm ball), Beeswax goddess candles, mini Cauldron with pentagram (3 inch), more new jewellery, Tetragrammaton Bronze Belt Buckles (2 inch), Wooden Spoon Jar with cork closure, Goddess figure bottles, more small bottles for your oils and potions!
Plus we will have some new statues and wall plaques/shelves - such as MEDUSA, CELTIC MIRROR, HAND MIRRORS and more. Please ask for pics in the meantime of any new items that you might be interested in.

NEW - WitchCraft's Beginners Guide To Wicca and Magick - Out Now!
Written by Australian Wiccans and designed to give southern hemisphere Wiccans a better understanding of what it means to be a Wiccan Witch in modern times.
Order this fantastic BEGINNERS GUIDE now! WitchCraft's latest addition to your magickal library, the Beginners Guide to Wicca and Magick is a beautifully designed, hard cover, fully illustrated, full colour book containing all the information you need to get started in the Craft and for making magick !

WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 33 - Out Now!
Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

WitchCraft Diary 2003 - Still Available!
We have just 10 copies left, so if you missed out - order yours today!

Papa Jo's New Orleans Incense Prayer Powder Kits - NEW
A Successful Outcome Through The Power Of Prayer! Special self-igniting incense powders made in the true tradition of New Orleans to attract certain conditions. Your kit also includes a talisman seal, a prayer and full instructions. Can be used with Papa Jo Prayer Oils.

Papa Jo's New Orleans Prayer Oils - NEW
Used to increase the intensity and vibrational qualities of any Prayer, Ritual or Meditation. A perfect compliment to our Papa Jo Prayer Powders.

Magical Fragrance Oils - NEW
Choose from our superb selection of new Fragrance Oils. Their quality will impress you!

Mar/April 2003

NEW - Brass Mini Funnel
An unusual size, perfect for getting liquid into tight places. The funnel opening is 1 inch in diameter and the tip is about 1/16 inch in diameter. Makes pouring oil a snap.

Attract Love Bind Rune Pendant - NEW
A new pendant (the first in a new range of Rune pendants) featuring the bind rune for Attracting Love. It also has a faceted Amethyst crystal - a highly polished and solid pendant. Please let us know if you have any request for specific Rune pendants.

Items Now Back In Stock
**Chakra Healing Kits
**Copper Pentagram Bracelet
**Crystal Balls

Jan/Feb 2003

WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 31 - Out Now!
Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

The Incense Match - New
A unique idea! Large book of 30 Incense Matches - lite match and after use, blow out, place and allow to smoulder to release its fragrance. A fine altar or table item. Choose from 8 scents : Cinnamon, Spice, Musk, Coconut, Oriental Blossom, Bayberry, Cherry and Strawberry. E-mail us your choice when ordering.

Mini Clear Glass Bottle - New
We have added a new size in 2ml - clear glass bottle with square base, gold lid. See the Witch Bottles section of order form.

Cimaruta Witch Charm Pendant
This is a large piece, 3" x 3" and thick. Our Cimaruta Witch Charm Pendant is very old and steeped in history and witchcraft. The Cimaruta charm, also known as the Witches Amulet is the oldest symbol of hereditary witchcraft. Due to its large size not only can it be worn around the neck but can also be hung above any door, on the wall and near any sacred altar space. This charm was used by the Society of Diana, the Old Religion of the Witches, in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and a similar item is housed in the museum of Bologna.......more

Jewellery - NEW
We have another new Pentacle Drop style pendant with inlay - very elegant. Choose from Lapis Lazuli, Malachite or Black Onyx inlay - Sterling Silver.

Jewellery - New and Expanded
We have added TWO new sections now - Body Jewellery and Bracelets. Body Jewellery has some affordable Toe Rings and some unusual Finger Nail Rings. A small selection of Bracelets to choose from and we have added a couple of new pendants in the Celtic and Symbolic section.

Deborah Gray Books - NEW - Wish On A Spell
Discover Deborah Gray's latest book, Wish On A Spell, introduces you to the best of the rituals and holidays that witches have been celebrating for centuries, as well as the best times of year to cast your favourite spells.

Magickal Starter Kits - NEW KITS ADDED
Greate Value! Our magickal starter kits have been very popular and so we have created several more that we hope you will like. Select from 9 different starter kits including - Goddess Starter Kits, Junior Magickal Kits, Teen Magickal Kit and more. Our usual Kits have many new items included plus our Magickal Writing Kit now includes a beautiful ink pot and ink pen - wood turned. Our starter kits will save you money and will help you get started with some basic items and/or learning tools. Enjoy!

Witch Petal's Cauldron Cookbook
A wonderful Australian publication on the history of the cauldron, how to care for your cauldron and LOTS of delicious recipes! This book comes free on request when you spend $150 or more on a cauldron.

Church Incense
A blend of the most precious gums and oils is used to make this very special incense. We have also updated our granular incense photos on this page.

Rainbow Candle Pack - Natural (9hr)
Our completely natural candles are perfect for ritual. We now offer you our convenient 'Rainbow Natural Candle Pack' which includes 24 natural candles in 12 assorted colours (2 of ea colour). As our 9hr candles normally come in a pack of 6 - this pack gives you a large range of colours without breaking the budget. We have also update our candles photos on this page.

Lucky Pocket Lodestone Crystals
New! Rare and unusual - Lucky Pocket Lodestone Crystals come with parchment and a carry pouch plus instructions - the purest form of the lodestone.

Crystal and Wood Wands
We have added several new handmade wands to this page - including 3 styles in the Junior Wand - all wands on this page come with a special scroll and velvet bag.

Custom Willow Wands with Crystals
We have added sample photos of our Crystal Willow Wand handles - these wands are beautiful and very customizable. Your wand can be made to match your Book of Shadows or Athame.

Wax Seal Stamps
Traditional Wax Seal Stamps - can be used for wax seal stamping and stamping with an ink pad! We have several esoteric designs available such as Goddess, Pentacles, Buddha Monogram and Eye of Horus. Take a look!

Nag Champa Incense POWDER
This is REAL Sai Baba Nag Champa Powder. This is the great scent of Nag Champa only instead of burning the stick place this fine powder on charcoal. Add to incense mixutures, sachets and annoint and roll candles in this aromatic powder.

Nov/Dec 2002

Australian WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 30 - Now Available
Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

Brooms or Besoms - NEW
Made in Australia by hand. Our NEW traditional and earthy Brooms come in two sizes. A shorter medium sized Broom and the small baby Besom.

Celtic Soup CD - NEW
A wonderful instrumental CD by Celtic Soup. 'Just For Starters' try Celtic Soup. Made in Australia. Listen to SAMPLE songs NOW !

Invoking The Goddess CD - NEW
A wonderful CD by Anique Radiant Heart. Discover the Goddess within through daily spiritual practise. This CD also includes 7 Chakra Chants. Made in Australia. Listen to SAMPLE songs NOW !

Nag Champa Incense - NEW
This aromatic incense with its sweet, yet earthy fragrance is ideal for meditation and is widely used in Buddhist temples around the world.
Nag Champa is also said to be a wonderful clearing incense.

Sweet Grass Braids - NEW
Natural Sweet Grass is said to attract positive energies, cleanse the atmosphere and allow relaxation and healing.

We have installed some music downloads on the page so you can listen to sample songs from this album.

Steel Altar Tiles - NEW
Triple Goddess and Pentagram symbols. Made by an Australian blacksmith from solid steel. Choose from colours ~ Lunar Silver or Solar Gold ~ Very sturdy for outdoor use or add your own decorative touch.

Wood Altar Tiles by ShadowSmith - Updated.
See the full collection of beautifully crafted tiles. Hand made from QLD Black Bean wood or Silky Oak - NEW designs with copper. Also a new Mini Tile!

Incense Bundles of Magic - New gift idea. Unique eco conscious packaging - no plastic. Attractively presented and bound with colourful ribbon. Pack of 40 long Incense Sticks. Include Frankincense and Myrrh, Lovers Embrace and Christmas Treasures. Please tell us what you think!

Magical Incense Sticks - New additions to our range. Include Prosperity, Fairy Ring, Attract Business, Harmony, Tranquility and Patchouli.

The Magickal Mythical Masked Solstice Ball is almost here! There are only a wee few tickets left - please order yours if you would like to attend. MMMBall Tickets will close soon. ~~ See you at the Ball on 20th Dec 2002! ~~

Sept/Oct 2002

Australian WitchCraft Magazine 2003 Diary - Out Now!
2003 Diary & Book of Shadows is a hard cover Diary featuring vibrant colours and an Ankh on the front cover - which is a Green glossy look for this year. Suitable for the Southern Hemisphere. Order your copy today!

Australian WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 29 - Now Available
Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues! Issue no 21 is now out of print.

~ Traditional Brooms ~
New and made in Australia by hand. Traditional and earthy, these Witchy Brooms come in two sizes.
Medium - $10 AUD (approx 70cm long)
Small - $5 AUD(approx 30cm long)
Made from natural materials in the old tradition.
We have finally found a broom that we can ship to anywhere in the world - due to the shorter length. Order HERE

~ The Special Edition Video CD - 10 Years of Magick ~ Spiral Dance
Spiral Dance, Australia's most popular pagan band celebrated their 10th Birthday in early October. They put together a wonderful event featuring the official release of their new CD - "Notes of Being".
There was also a special Video CD release), its montage of film clips and stills tells the story of the band to three of their songs in classic retro style. Length is 13 minutes and if your are a Spiral Dance fan, this is a must have!!!!! Cost is $10 AUD.
Order your Video CD now as they are limited edition.

Page Footer Update - New Links added to bottom of our pages for your convenience. Check out the following new additions;
~ World Time ~ ShadowSmith Gallery ~ Trees Please ~ Video Clips ~ Forums ~ Easily Join Our Mailing List using the new subscribe box.

Trees Please! Inc - Announcement - Unique Australian Tree Cards with Real Seeds Inside.
Trees Please! Inc are a not-for-profit organisation in South Australia. The Realm Of White Magic proudly supports this worth while group. Show your support by purchasing a Trees Please! Greeting Card (with seeds) or grab the whole set, featuring 7 Australian Trees. You can also send them a tax-deductable donation. Plant A Tree Today! Visit Trees Please! website to learn more.

Esoteric Rugs - This beautiful carpet makes a wonderful altar spot, a terrific wall hanging or decoration in any room. These are a high quality carpet, designs are woven not painted or embossed. Both are 1 metre diameter across. These Rugs/Carpets are NEW are will be a special order till we gauge your interest! Order HERE.

Treasure Chest Box - An antiqued Treasure Chest Box - Shesham Wood and beaten Brass fittings. Has a closure suitable for a small padlock. Fully lined inside - suitable for oils, incense, herbs or other special items. Order HERE.

Spiral Dance - Notes Of Being - New Album - Have A Listen! Listening links now installed on our pages.

Epiphany CD by Circe's Tryx - New CD - in our magick music section. Features vocals from Adrienne Piggott of Spiral Dance.

Magick Happens - Visit "The Realm of White Magic" located near the stage.
**We will be showcasing some of our newest Pagan Art - Books of Shadows (Greenman, Goddess, Celtic and Dragon books). Dont miss our 3-Dimensional book designs - wow!~
**See our Altar Plaques in the flesh, here is your chance!
See the entire range including the amazing Earth Goddess, Millennial Gaia statue.
**Spiral Dance music CD's plus Epiphany CD (ar capella style).
**Altar Tiles - also for outdoor use - Triple Goddess and Pentagrams!
**New Crystal Wands (White Lighters, Spell Casters, The Enchanters and cute little Pixie Pocket Wands) by our newest Australian artist - Flink!
**Jewellery - very affordable 22 carot gold plated pendants, toe rings and some unique Sterling silver pendants - many new pieces to see.
**Trees Please - a special tree planting project in Sth Australia - come and see the special "Tree Cards" with real seeds inside - support this project. Plant A Tree Today!
Atlantean Power Wands for the Adept and Novice - hold one and feel its power!
**Fragrant Medicine Bags - for Healing, Love, Creativity and Meditation.
**Cauldrons, magickal Wrought Iron candle holders, some Ritual tools, herbs and oils, mini spell kits, natural candles and more. What else would you like us to bring?

Magick Happens - Visit "Deborah-Kaye" located near the stage.
Attend Deborah-Kaye's 'Further Into The Light' Meditation Workshop at Magick Happens, Newtown. Workshop only $10 - Book Here.
**Sydney siders, take this opportunity to meet Deborah-Kaye, an extremely gifted spiritual consultant - Book a Psychic Consultation with Deborah-Kaye now - bookings limited.

Spiral Dance - NEW Album - 'Notes of Being'
We are very excited to announce that Spiral Dance (Australia's most popular pagan band) have completed their new album - 'Notes of Being'. If you would like to see this band live and be a part of their Sydney Album launch - be at Magick Happens, Newtown, Sydney on September 7-8th 2002.

July/Aug 2002

WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 28 - Out Now. Order your copy today, subscribe to future issues or order one of the very sought after back issues.

Mini Spell Kits - NEW
Several NEW Mini Spell Kits added to our page. Including Sensational Sex, Attract Customers, Develop Psychic Gifts, Entice Love and more.

Altar Tiles - NEW - Added to order form, image page available soon. Made in Australia, our new Altar Tiles are simplistic in design, perfect to sit your crystal ball on, Incense burners and other magickal items around your altar. You can even add your own decorative touch. Made from solid metal they will last for years to come. Suitable for ourdoor use!
Designs available - Pentagram in Circle - small or large and Triple Moon with Pentagram. Select from Lunar Silver or Solar Gold colours.

Back Issues - Aust. WitchCraft Magazine
Please note that we have just purchased ALL BACK ISSUES available from the publishers and there isnt anymore. So once these run out - they will be out of print. Some issues are very close to running out since we have only a few left. If you were thinking of ordering Witchcraft magazine back issues - please do it NOW to avoid disappointment. Phone me direct on (61) 2 42568253!
We will be updating the Wcraft magazine page shortly, but as it stands the following issues are now OUT OF PRINT.
**Issue no 7
**Issue no 19
**Issue no 20

Magickal Mythical Masked Ball 2002 - Order Your Tickets NOW ! We have less than 40 tickets left so round up your friends and secure your ball tickets for this year. This yearly event is held at Monsalvat, VIC on 20th December 2002. Open bar and full buffett meal plus a full nights entertainment is included in the cover price. Hope to see you all there.

May/June 2002

Announcement - NEW MESSAGE FORUM - Now Open
Join in our new magical forums - meet like minded souls, conduct and vote in polls, send a private message to other users, preview products, post your questions and feedback. Our new Forum is brimming with interesting bits and pieces - our forum features the use of Avatar Images, Emoticons, Private Messages and NO SPAM! Highly Interactive and Easy To Navigate. Come and Join Us!

WitchCraft Magazine Issue No 27 - OUT NOW! Subscribe to future issues or order a Back Issue.

Small Mortar and Pestle Set for grinding herbs, powders, gums and resins Mortar and Pestle Sets - Two sizes to choose from.

Australian Native Smudge Stick Australian Native Smudge Sticks - the pure Spirit Of Australia! Check out our fun 'Smudge Aura Photo' on this page.

Mystical Oil Bottle Pendant with Roll On Applicator NEW ~ Mystical OIL BOTTLE Pendant - Unique Oil Bottle pendant to carry your favourite magickal oils. Unique due to the special "Roll On Applicator". Roll-on some oil anytime, use this pendant to draw magickal symbols with your chosen oil for spell work etc. The quality of this lovely bottle is excellent!

WitchCraft's NEW "Book Of Happiness" - Discover the Magick Within! Order Your Copy Today!

WitchCraft's "Book Of Spells Volume 2" - NEW RELEASE
WitchCraft magazine have released volume 2 in their special issues - 'Book Of Spells' series. Cram packed with magickal spells and information.

WitchCraft's "Book Of Spells Volume 1" - NOW REPRINTED
Due to popular demand, WitchCraft magazine have re-released volume 1 in their special issues - 'Book Of Spells' series. If you missed out on grabbing a copy of this issue - here is your chance! Order your copy today!

March/April 2002

NEW Large Heavy Altar Chalice
I mentioned previously on this page that we had a new large sized Altar Pentacle Chalice coming! Its finally here and weighs a wopping 430 gms with goblet style cup (7.5cm dia) featuring an etched Pentagram in Circle - back and front

NEW Large Crystal Ball - 110mm dia
We have expanded our selection of Lead Crystal Balls for scrying. This ball will make a great talking piece with friends and family. At a size of 110mm diameter this ball is the largest we could find at the moment - hope you like it and thanks for your suggestions./b>

New CRYSTALS CLUSTERS - Amethyst and Citrine plus The Fairy Cross
Select from our hand picked quality Amethyst or Citrine Crystal Clusters (Druze) - various sizes to choose from. Learn more about these crystals and discover The Fairy Cross (Australian) - Also featured on this page is our new 'magical pop-up info' for your reference and convenience - Enjoy!

Witchcraft magazine - Issue 26 Out Now! Order your copy today, or subscribe to future issues.

New Crystal Rune Stones
Have you been looking for that special set of Crystal Runes? Please take a look at our new natural Crystal Rune stones with gold embossed Runic Symbols. Select from Hematite, Rose Quartz or Amethyst. Also featured on this page is our new 'magical pop-up info'. This useful pop-up facility was created by Mr Noisy and will be installed on various other pages on this website for your reference and convenience - Enjoy!

New Guided Meditation and Relaxation CD by Deborah-Kaye
Deborah-Kaye is a clairvoyant, medium and psychic healer experienced in spritual counselling, channelling and divination techniques. Her inspiring, Guided Meditations feature original music. Pure bliss! Made in Australia. Download .mp3 samples and have a listen!

Magickal Mythical Masked MidSummer Solstice Ball 2002
Tickets sales are now open to the public for purchase. Please note, tickets are limited to 100 guests. Last year, the Ball tickets were sold out by August.

Book Of Spells Volume 2
Now Available - Order your copy today!

January/February 2002

Join Pagan Awareness Network Inc. - Australia
The Realm of White Magic supports Pagan Awareness Network - Members receive discounts on products from our site. Click the above link to download a membership form. (33.8kb Zip File)
Mission Statement - The Pagan Awareness Network Inc. is a pro-active educational association dedicated to not only correcting the misinformation about Pagans, but to help educate the public about our beliefs and achieve religious freedom without the fear of persecution. In achieving this we hope to unite the Pagan community through networking events and public gatherings.

Witchcraft magazine - Issue 25 Out Now! Order your copy today, or subscribe to future issues.

Book Of Spells - Update
Witchcraft magazine Book of Spells is now OUT OF PRINT. The good news is that there will be a Book of Spells Volume 2 available mid March 2002. Order your copy today for delivery in March 2002.

Witchcraft Diary 2002 - Update - If you have not ordered your copy, get in now, we still have stocks available.

New Products - Update
Just arrived are the complete range of Oberon Zell's God and Goddess plaques and statues. Including the NEW Star Goddess plaque. Visit our Statues and Plaques Gallery.
Magickal Mini Herbs (full range of 60 kinds) can soon be ordered via our new shopping cart. PLUS many more products that we havnt been able to add to our already huge order form. Such products as Crystal Bracelets, Glass/Crystal wands, Papa Jo's Oils and Incense Powder, Saints Prayer Kits and Prayer Oils, Self Igniting Incense, Magick of Flowers range of herbs in sacks and much more.

Coming Soon - Update
**New Crystal and Glass Wands Keep your eye on our Crystal Wands page for new Australian made wands.
**New Goblet Pentagram Chalice for the men! Keep your eye on our Chalices page or check back here in 6-8 weeks time.
**New Shopping Cart for our site will soon be available for retail and wholesale customers. We are very excited and cant wait to show you!! We built it ourselves.
**List Of Stores/Stockists - to answer one of our most frequently asked questions - "Where can I go to see your products in my city/town?"
We will soon be adding a special page that will list stores around Australia where you can find some of our products to have a look at. For starters - Click for a list of Tree of Life stores. You will find our Mini Spell Kits and Wishing Beans in those shops.

Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone Touring Australia - Jan-Feb 2002!
Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone are now here on tour in Australia. A warm welcome to Janet and Gavin. We wish them every success and an enjoyable stay here in Australia. Check the tour website for more info.

Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone Touring New Zealand - Feb-March 2002!
Contact Aradia - New Zealand for workshop bookings - hurry there are still places available in some workshops!

New Zealand Summer Pagan Festival - Contact Natures Magic for bookings and workshop information. Or visit the New Zealand - Farrar/Bone Tour website.

MMMBall 2002 Tickets Page Now Open!
Please visit our new tickets page and place your ticket order to attend the Magikal Mythical Masked Ball 2002.
Special Offers apply till March 1st 2002 - so hurry to take advantage of the special discounts available.

Attention Personal Shoppers - Visit our syster store - Elysium!
Note - for personal shoppers - Elysium, 42 McCrae Street, Dandenong are our biggests stockists. Phone Sandra direct on 03 9 7920142. Please visit Elysium to inspect many products from The Realm of White Magic website.

More Magickal INKS to choose from. We have added a few new colours such as Violet, Black (indian ink) and Copper Magickal Ink.

More Magickal OILS to choose from. We have added several new Mystical Oils to our selection. Too many to mention here, please take a look.

November/December 2001 2001

Fantasy Netts, Ink Pots and more - NEW photos added to product links. Check our Product Page Update.

Jewellery - NEW Designs added to Order form.
Sterling Silver - Crescent Moon Symbol, GreenMan Pendant and Spiral Moon Goddess pendant (available with garnet, blue topaz, moonstone and amethyst.) Please Enquire. Updating jewellery pages with better pics/info in the next week or so. These pics dont do the pieces justice as they look a bit dark - the items are much more silvery rather than antiqued look.

*Dragon Chalices - NEW COLOUR
Our new Dragon Chalices have proven to be very popular and so we have introduced another style. Black with purple stem. Take a look! Make great gifts.

*NEW - Further Into The Light - Mediation CD by Deborah Kay
A unique Mediation CD produced here in Australia by Deborah Kay. Let Deborah Kay guide you through various meditations backed with gentle music tones. We think it is one of the BEST we have found, made by an Australian. Its nice to hear a voice that doesnt intrude on your mediation experience. Page will be available soon with some sample audio files to listen to.
Order Here ($25 AUD)

*NEW - Multimedia Video Clips
Introducing our new media pages featuring video clips from Discovering Witchcraft Video Series and Spiral Dance - live performances from South Australia. Check it out and please let us know if you have any download problems with this page. Under contruction!

*Chalices - NEW
Three new chalices have been added. Select from ceramic Dragon or Unicorn chalice (Australian Made) or our new Travellers silver and gold Pentagram chalice - these also make great gifts.

*Witchcraft Diary 2002 - NEW
Due for release on 16th November. Designed for the southern hemisphere. Order your copy today.

*Altar Plaques and Statues - NEW
Sneak preview of our Statue Gallery under construction. This image presentation applet shows you our range of Elemental Plaques and Altar Statues available to order.

Magickal Mythical Masked Ball 2001 - Tickets have now sold out. Please email me directly to reserve your ticket for next years ball. Tickets and Ball programme will be sent out to Ball guests within the next week or so. Thank you all for your continued support.

New Updates Coming - New Junior Amethyst Wands plus a special edition Junior Citrine Wand. Some new Jewellery will be added. Some of our body jewellery is available to order now. See our Jewellery pages.

We have a new lower price on our Australian Native Smudge Sticks plus we will be adding an information page about our new Fragrant Medicine Bags - Australian made. See our products page.

July-Oct 2001

*Crystal Balls - NEW
Select from a selection of natural and lead crystal balls - make great gifts.

*WitchCraft magazine Issue no 23 (Oct 2001) - Out Now! Order your copy today. Subscribe to future issues 24, 25 and 26 or order a complete set of back issues. 2001 Witchcraft Diary available early November 2001. We regret that the Witchcraft Calendar will be unavailable this year.

New Chalices Available - See order form
Dragon and Unicorn Chalices and a lovely Travelling Chalice with pentagrams. Will be adding pictures very soon.

New Elemental Plaques Coming - See order form..
Select from Earth - Greenman, Fire - Belenos, Water - Mari Goddess, Air - Ariel, Spirit - Psyche, Moon Goddess and Star Goddess. New Statues Gallery under construction.

NEW - Video Clips Available Soon - We have spent some time developing this new feature from The Realm of White Magic. Enjoy streaming video clips from our Discovering Witchcraft Video series and Spiral Dance - Pagan Band - Magick with Legend! Keep an eye on this page.

May/June 2001

*Visit "Elysium" - more than a shop, in the heart of Dandenong, Victoria.

Distrubiting a large selection of products from The Realm of White Magic website.
Inspect handcrafted items from our Ritual Tools Gallery, ShadowSmith Athames, herbs, incense and much more!

Elysium caters for pagans/witches/new age; herbs, oils, statues, books, music, jewellery, ritual tools, clothes, incense. Music otherwise unavailable in Australia. Ritual tools by artisans from the US and Australia. Range of unique gallery pieces exclusive to Elysium.
Services at Elysium include : Numerology and astrology charts, Rituals and spells for your unique needs, Relaxation Massage, Library and Workshops.

Elysium - Your magickal window to The Realm of White Magic - Visit one of our largest Victorian stockists in person!

Elysium, 42 McCrae St, Dandenong, Victoria.
Grand Opening 30th June 2001.

Contact Ph (03)9792 0142 or E-mail: elysium@iprimus.com.au


*Book Of Shadows Pics - New images featuring a Jet Black covered book with purple velvet inlay and crystals embedded.

*WitchCraft magazine Issue no 21 (June 2001) - Out Now! Order your copy today. Subscribe to future issues 22, 23 and 24 or order a complete set of back issues. 2001 Witchcraft Calendar and Diary are also still available.

*ALTAR STATUES - Millenial Gaia - We proudly present to you, the first in our NEW selection of Altar Statues. Original art by Oberon Zell. Please send us your feedback so we can serve you better.

*Handcrafted Boxes - A selection of handcrafted boxes made from Rosewood, Shesham wood and Soapstone - these unusual pieces would grace any altar.

*Altar Statues - Coming Soon!
We are currently selecting a range of Altar Statues, Gods, Goddesses and other Deities. Please give us your feedback on what you would like to see!

*Elixir Bottle - NEW 50ml size - has been added to our selection of Buckskin covered bottles with decorative cork. Also see our Custom Bottles page for new pics.

*Handcrafted Altar Tiles - A new Altar Tile - has been added to ShadowSmiths selection. Pentagram Deep with Copper work border.

*NEW Granular Incenses - Select from one of our newest Granular Incenses - Success, Attract Business, Goddess and Healing. Hand made from the finest gums and resins.

*WitchCraft magazine Issue no 20 (April 2001) - Out Now! With FREE BONUS ISSUE - Order your copy today. Subscribe to future issues 21, 22 and 23 or order a complete set of back issues. 2001 Witchcraft Calendar and Diary are also still available.

March/April 2001
*Magical Herbs, Roots and Powders - Updated with several new herbs - such as Calamus, Archangel Root, Jobs Tears, Witch's Grass, Solomon's Seal, Aloes Powder, Alum Crystals, Lotus Root, Herb of Grace, Rue, Red Sage, Sweet Flag, Angelica and Rowan.

*Symbolic Jewellery - Updated with several Jewellery Pendants and Headwear - Discover some new Triple Goddess pieces, Talismans, Egyptian, Celtic designs and more. Select from Solid Sterling Silver, Lead Free Pewter, Copper and Bronze. New Section coming soon - Pagan Body Jewellery. Please email us with your Body Jewellery requirements.

*How To Be A Real Witch by Deborah Gray - New Release! A spellbinding guide to magick 1000 and inner power. 'How to be a Real Witch' finally breaks through many of the long held superstitions and misunderstandings that have surrounded the practice of witchcraft.

It also features a super collection of over 100 spells and charms for love, prosperity unleashing your inner power, rites of awakening, self initiation, magical cures and much more.

Also See Deborah Gray's recent book 'The Good Witch's Guide To Sexy Sorcery -Magick Spells for Passion, Love and Seduction.

*Fantasy Nets for your special space - Updated with new themes to choose from - Fairy Princess Decorated Net, Bohemian Decorated Net or Arabian Nights Decorated Net. OR choose your own coloured net without the decoration to suit your colour scheme.

*Adam and Eve Root - NEW
Love, Lust, Fidelity - very special and sort after.
Also we have added a new photo of some of our herbs for your interest!

*Mojo Bags - NEW
We offer you these simple yet traditional style cotton mojo bags (empty) with drawstring in Blue, Yellow and Green ready for you to fill with your own relevant magical blends. You can also order our traditional 'Red Flannel Mojo Bag'(empty). Click the above link to go directly to the ordering page for mojo bags.

*Special Bottles - New Additions
Empty Glass Bottles - Use for Oils, Potions, Inks etc. We have added two new sizes - Empty Glass Bottles with Cork Seal to our selection. Click the above link to go directly to the ordering page for Empty Glass Bottles.

*Magikal Mythical Masked Ball 2001 - New Payment Option.
We are pleased to offer Lay-By as a new payment option for Ticket purchases. See MMMBall page for more details.

January/February 2001
*WitchCraft magazine Issue no 19 (February 2001) - Out Now! Order your copy today. Subscribe to future issues 20, 21 and 22 or order a complete set of back issues. 2001 Witchcraft Calendar and Diary are also still available.

*Crystal Wands - Nature's Magic - NEW
Every wand is totally unique. Only one wand is made from any one branch. When your wand chooses you, you can be assured of a magical partnership. Select from the Junior Amethyst Wand, Wand of Connection, Nightscape Wand and more! Proudly handcrafted in Australia.

*New Magickal Starter Kits
We have added some new kits here, such as the 'Magickal Writing Kit' and "Magick of SunStone Set'. (pics coming soon)
Also check out what is included in our New Magickal Starter Kits - Great Value!

*Traditional Cauldrons - New Updates
We have added two smaller cauldrons to our selection and updated sizes and prices. We have even added cauldron 'mouth' measurements for your convenience.

*The Realm of White Magic received this Award - February 2001

"We are pleased to advise you that www.whitemagic.com.au has been
ranked 4 by Hitwise Australia in the Lifestyle - New Age category."

November and December 2000
MAGICK HAPPENS - Sydney - Weekend of 13th-14th January 2001 - Sydney Town Hall - Come to the festival and Visit The Realm Of White Magic 1000 .

*Witchcraft magazine Issue no 18 - Out Now! Order your copy today. Subscribe to future issues 19, 20 and 21 or order a complete set of back issues. 2001 Witchcraft Calendar and Diary are also available.

*Magikal Mythical Masked Ball 2000 - held at Monsalvat, Victoria, Dec 15. The 100 tickets available have Sold Out.
Thank you for coming to the ball.

*ShadowSmith Esoteric Gallery Hand Crafted by ShadowSmith, Pagan Artificer and Master Craftsman, each one is unique, hours of its maker's energy given form for you to hold, wear, or wield. (under construction)
Coming Soon - more jewellery, athames, tarot, crystal and trinket boxes.

*Need A Cloak ? - our cloaks are great value and taylor made here in Australia.
Made to measure from fabrics - Satin or Crease Resistant Suiting with self colour embroided edging. These cloaks are fully lined and well made. (satin cloaks are completely reversable)

Approx 175cm in length or taylored to your height - Price - $220 incl GST per Cloak.
Made from Satin or Crease Resistant Suiting fabrics.

Wide range of colours such as black, dark purple, red, teal, forest green and more.
Choose your Fabric, colour of cloak, colour of lining and choose either Gold or Silver coloured Clasp for your Cloak. We will need to know your height as well.
Ask for a quote, Order Cloak or Enquire Here.

*Magical Mosquito Netts - Create a Fantasy Net Site in your home. Dreams are made of these. Fits single, double and queen sized beds. Ready to hang and available in your choice of colour. Have your nett decorated with sequins, beads, ribbon, bells or diamontes.

October 2000
*NEW Chat Rooms - Check our new selection of chat rooms - explore the various rooms and even customize your own Avatar image. Enjoy!

*MMM Ball Tickets - Have you purchased your ticket for the Magickal Mythical Masked Ball at Monsalvat, Victoria on 15 December 2000?
100 tickets issued and now there is around 20 odd tickets left. So if you were intending on coming - Please get in now and secure your tickets for this special event. Special suprises planned for the evening. Ticket cost includes full entertainment, buffet meal and open bar.
As seen in Withcraft Magazine June/July 2000 issue. The MMM Ball is proudly sponsored by The Realm Of White Magic.

*Spiral Dance - the band will be entertaining us at the Magickal Mythical Masked Ball in December 2000. Click the above link to go to our music pages and have a listen to some sample tracks from Spiral Dance music CD's. Order online or just have a listen.

September 2000
*Magick Music Featuring Australian band, "Spiral Dance". Listen to sample tracks and order music CD's online. Enjoy!

*Witchcraft 2001 Diary and Book of Shadows is now Available to order. These diaries are of extremely high quality. Hard cover, heavy bound and beautifully illustrated - designed for the Southern Hemisphere. Order your copy today!
*2001 Witchcraft Calendar - Wheel Of The Year - is now Available.

*Discover Spells and Ritual Kits, Magic and Divination Tools - Please 1000 visit our new Spellbox Gallery now - Seek The Magic! Also please update your bookmarks.
New items include, Ritual for Happiness, Spell For The Creative Genius, Witches Tool Box, The Mystic Wheel and The Deck of Dreams. Enjoy!

* Mini Herb Packs - Starter Set of 20 - Looking for a small quantity of an unusual herb which you need to complete a recipe for incense, spell or ritual?
You can now purchase a selection of sought after herbs in a convenient starter pack of 20. Each Starter Set includes a random selection of 20 mini sized packs of herbs.

* NEW Order Form - We have redesigned our Witchcraft magazine/calendars/diary ordering form. We do hope you find our new order page easier to use. Always striving to serve you better.

August 2000
* Site Map - Check our wonderful new Site Map. We've included a "Site Explorer" and convenient "Site Search". Designed to improve your navigation experience, easily search, browse and select pages that appeal to you. Just click to open the selection of your choice. We do hope you find the new tools useful. Discover links to several new pages within our site, for your enjoyment. We 'thank' Mr Noisy for this project and more.

* Search Engine - Search The Realm with ease. Use our search engine to find what you are looking for. Thank you for your patience while we continue to fine tune this section of the site.

* Cauldrons - Huge Range - Our new Cauldrons page is now online, with wonderful images, select from the various sizes available. Each Cauldron comes with care instructions and a some recipes. A convenient Cauldron Cook Top which is attached to a gas bottle, is a handy way to use your cauldron on the go. Enquire Here.

*Crystal Balls - Two Sizes to choose from. Come with a lovely wood stand and boxed. Perfect for scrying. Order Here

*Amethyst Crystal Clusters - Natural Amethyst Crystal rock formations. Approx 7-12cm size peices - quality grade Amethyst. Order Here

*Magical Mist Makers - Ever wanted to display your crystals with an interesting twist? These Mist Makers are an unusual touch of magic to a garden area or indoors. In a bowl of water or even a cauldron, place some crystals/herbs/flowers/other items plus a Magical Mist Maker. Turn the Mist Maker on, it begins to bubble, misty vapour will start to rise. Creates a feeling of tranquility for your home/garden/office. Order Here

*New Talisman Parchment Seals - featuring all new design, our Talismans now come in a parchment wallet with information. We have added a couple of new Talismans to our range as well as some photos.

*Witchcraft Calendar 2001 - The Wheel Of The Year - Now available to order. Witchcraft magazine are also releasing a "Witchcraft 2001 Diary and Book Of Shadows" - available September 2000. All pages are under construction.

*Traditional Style Witches Broom - Coming Soon. Enquire Here.

*Ritual Tools Gallery - Have you seen our Ritual Tools gallery la 1000 tely? Our Natural Feather Quills, have been added to the ever growing range of useful items found there. Look out for some new Robes and Capes, Brooms, Scrying Tools and more, coming soon to the gallery.

July 2000
* New Book Of Shadows - Native American Style - Brown buckskin with black velvet inlay featuring a feather attached to willow peg closure.

*New Magic Journals from Spellbox
Choose from two designs - Gold embossed - Magick Symbol OR Mermaid Symbol. These journals feature a beautiful brass latch closure. Check it out!

* CAULDRONS - New Range - Traditional Style - Genuine Black Cast Iron.
Click for more Cauldron images. We have searched high & low, now we bring you the best in cauldrons! Choose from our superior quality range of Cauldrons - Genuine Black Cast Iron complete with lids, three legs and handles. Plus care/seasoning instructions are included and a few recipes to get you started.

Cauldron sizes range from 1 litre/1/4 gallon up to 27 litre/6 gallon (20 gallon avail - P.O.A.)
Web pages under construction. Order now, directly from our online secure ordering form or click to view Cauldron prices.

*Pillar Candles - New
Check out our candles page for our new range of Pillar/Church style candles.
Choose from various sizes - thick pillar style from 10cm tall to 20cm tall. Each one is beeswax coloured for a natural look.

*Jazz Fresh Music CD by Deborah Gray - "Still Got A Thing".
A cool mix of soul/jazz/groove beats combined with Deborah Gray's sultry and smooth jazz vocals, innovative and totally fresh.
Visit our Magick Music page and listen to live Streaming MP3 music from Deborah's Jazz CD.

*Willow Wands - New Updates - Customize Your Own Wand - Australian Made!
Choose from various coloured coverings, velvet, crystals and themes - Can be made to match your book of shadows!

*Chalices and Goblets - NEW PAGE - Now with images.

*Our Mystical Jewellery Range - NEW LOWER PRICES - Check it out!
~Also watch this space for some new designs coming very soon.

* Magic Journal - New Design - Take a look at the new Magic Journal from Spellbox featuring gold embossed magic symbol with unusual brass latch closure.

*Sprial Goddess Athame - NEW - Hand crafted in lead free pewter and comes in a hard velvet case.

*Altar Tiles - Two NEW designs - Pierced Triquetra and Triple Goddess Symbol.
Made in Australia by ShadowSmith. Images now online - available now.
PLUS New images of Courtney Davis Celtic Altar Tile designs now available! See Greenman, Friendship Cup and Millenium Wheel ceramic tiles.

*Witchcraft Ma 1000 gazine Issue no 15 - OUT NOW - Get the current issue, subscribe to future issues or order any of the back issues - we stock them all.

>>>>>>Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) - A word to our valued customers.

The Realm Of White Magic is committed to ensuring:-
**Our customers will benefit from the lowering and removal of certain indirect taxes and wholesale tax, effective 1st July 2000.

**Maintaining pricing policies in accordance with the ACCC guidelines on pricing, as outlined under the GST implementation legislation.

**Net cost reduction is passed onto our customers in the form of lower prices or smaller GST-related price rises.

**Our International customers will NOT pay GST and the GST component will be deducted from their orders via our shopping cart. Exports are GST Free!

**None of our prices will rise by more than 10%, in fact many of our prices have now been reduced, stayed the same or we have chosen to absorb the GST on many product lines.

**Our site and product pages show prices including GST on each and every page as at 12.00am, 1st of July 2000 - in accordance with the ACCC guidelines.

As always, The Realm Of White Magic is committed to giving our customers 'Awesome Service' and quality products in accordance with our C.A.R.E. policy (Customers Are Really Everything).

Brightest blessings to all our customers and thank you for visiting.
Always at your service - Regards from Whitewind (Customer Service).

June 2000
* ALTAR CLOTH - New Range - Choose from our extensive range of Altar cloth - Deluxe, Special Purpose, Elemental or Standard. Customer orders very welcome. Handcrafted in Australia.
READ ARTICLES - Featuring - Cycle Of The Seasons and Bring The Pentagram Into Your Life.

by an Neopagan author - Willow Firesong.

* Magical Herbs, Roots & Barks - New Additions - Low John The Conqueror Root & Powder, Brimstone Powder, White Sage Leaves, Juniper Berries, Mistletoe and Dragon's Blood Sprinkling Powder.

* Magical Herbs with a FREE Crystal - New Additions - Yerba Mate and Patchouly herbs.

For the younger children - experience Fairy Magic by Deborah Gray - Australia's 'Good' Witch. (Under Construction)

May 2000
* CAULDRONS - New Range - Traditional Style in Black Cast Iron.
Due to your many requests we are proud to present a superior quality range of Cauldrons - Black Cast Iron complete with lids, three legs and handles.
Sizes range from 1 litre/1/4 gallon up to 27 litre/6 gallon (20 gallon available - P.O.A.)
Web pages under construction. Order now, directly from our online secure ordering form or click to view Cauldron prices.

*Altar Tiles - Two NEW designs - Pierced Triquetra and Triple Goddess Symbol.
Made in Australia by ShadowSmith.
Pages under construction - available now. Order Here.

April 2000
NEW 1000 Books Of Shadows - New Release BOS from The Realm Of White Magic - proudly made in Australia. We have expanded our Ritual Tools Gallery!
Discover Lunar, Solar, Magickal and Classic style books, crafted with artistic patience.
(image shown: Solar Book of Shadows layden with Lapis stones).

March 2000
NEW JEWELLERY RANGE - Choose from Celtic, Egyptian, Symbolic, Talismanic and ShadowSmith Original designs. Featuring many handcrafted items layden with semi-precious stones and custom orders very welcome.
Be sure to have a look at ShadowSmiths beautiful handcrafted Jewellery boxes, pendant and box sets available too. (more of ShadowSmiths boxes to come in the near future).
Here is some of ShadowSmith's best creations , in my opinion. I do hope you find our new jewellery inspiring!

*Altar Cloth - NEW
Choose from Deluxe, Special Purpose, Elemental or Standard designs. These Altar Cloth are hand crafted and Australian made by Spyder Shoppe Creations - Individually made and charged. Available now to order. Pages Under Construction.

Jan - Feb 2000
*Deborah Gray Magick - NEW
Deborah Gray's "Goddess of Love Potion"
Discover Deborah Gray Magick Spell Books.
Join Deborah Gray Magick Mailing List - Its Free!

Visit Australia's "Good Witch" Deborah Gray, author and renouned psychic. Enquires

December 1999
Wood Altar Tiles - Designs by ShadowSmith - Australia. Featuring Pentacles hand crafted from Queensland Black Bean Wood.
Ceramic Altar Tiles - Featuring glazed ceramic finish. Choose from Pentacle with Moon or Pentacle with Rede

Designs by Courtney Davis.
Choose from The Great Goddess or Green Man. Brilliant colours and perfect for framing. Lithographic prints of quality.

Designs by Courtney Davis.
Choose from The Great Goddess or Green Man. Brilliant colours and design - 500 or 1000 pieces. These are really unique!

*Spiral Candles - New

November 1999
*Feather Quill Pens - New
Choose from our new range of colourful Fluffy and Straight Feather quills with nibs. These quality quills are hand made in Australia by Spyder Shoppe Creations.
Also have a look at our natural feather quills with a hand cut nib - just how it was done in the old days. Enjoy our slide show as well.

*Discovering Witchcraft (Video 2) - The Mysteries 1000 - New Release

October 1999
*Great Gift Idea - Just Arrived - Patches & Brooches from England.

Patches are 7.75cm diameter and the Ankh is 9cm tall x 5.5cm wide. Pentagram, Ankh and Eye of Horus Patches - put these on your Altar cloth, tarot bags, hats, clothing, curtains etc. Good quality and from England. Order Here.

13mm in diameter. Colourful enamelled design with brass - brooche. Good quality and from England. A lovely small brooche which can be pinned to your cloak, coat, hat or anywhere you desire. Order Here.

Just Arrived - New Books of Shadows See our Ritual Tools Gallery - these are really something!

**New**A5 size Book - pentagram laden with Amethyst and Hematite, wizard-purple velvet inlay/Quartz crystal point willow peg closure. Order Here.

**NEW** A4 size Book - Celtic knotwork designs layden with whole cloves, red velvet inlay/Willow peg closure.
Order Here.

*Magical Inks - New - See the new colourful images!
Also see Parchment page for a new image of Virgin Sheepskin parchment.

September 1999
*Rose Of Jericho - New - Before and After images of this amazing plant.

Designed for the Southern Hemisphere - Order yours today.

*Athames - Rosewood/Brass Handle - New - 22.5cm total length with 13cm blade. $90 including plain leather sheath.

*Athames - Black Covered Handle & Rosewood/Brass Handle - New - ATHAME SLIDE SHOW.

* NEW DESIGNS - Book Of Shadows - New
< 1000 I>CELTIC earthy green and red A5 size BOS.
GOTHIC black and red A4 size BOS.
EGYPTIAN black and blue A4 BOS.

*Fluffy & Straight Feather Quills - New - QUILL SLIDE SHOW.

August 1999
*Aust. Native Smudge Sticks - New Experience the Spirit Of Australia - Made with Tea Tree (purifying), Lavender (calming), Eucalyptus (antiseptic), Cypress (protection) - approx 23cm in length. Made In Australia.

*Athames - New - Special Athames. Now Available to match your chosen Book Of Shadows.

*Ritual Tools Gallery - New - Books of Shadows, Witchy Bottles, Woven Pentagrams, Willow Wand and Special Athames. Also we offer a matching Athame with your chosen Book Of Shadows.

*Products Page has been updated with.........
New Oil Burners, Magickal Ink for the Elements, Beeswax Taper Candles, several new Mystical Oils, new Pentagram Pendant, new parchment sizes, Rose Of Jericho, Magical Powders, some new Incense Sticks....just to name a few.

******SNEAK PREVIEW - SEE BELOW - click the links to view images.
(can be ordered from our ordering page direct - prices also shown there - web pages under construction)

ATHAMES - Black with Red Velvet inlay and qtz crystal point - Egyptian theme, Brown with Red Velvet inlay and Amethyst crystals set, Black with Blue velvet inlay and Hematite and Lapis crystals set plus matching Sheaths - example. These beautiful Athames match the below books of shadows and other BOS in our Ritual Tools Gallery.

BOOKS OF SHADOWS - NEW (in addition to Books shown on BOS page)
NEW CELTIC A5 Book Of Shadows - earthy green patchwork, red velvet inlay with celtic knotwork, whole cloves and willow peg closure.
Black Book with Red Velvet inlay - Egyptian theme - A4 size, Black Book with Blue Velvet inlay with pentagrams - A5 size. Also see our CUSTOM BOOK OF SHADOWS page for other designs.

ALTAR TILES - ceramic Altar Tiles - pentagrams - Round and Small Square plus Medium. More designs coming soon.

ALTAR CLOTH - DELUXE - Spyder Shoppe Creation
This is a special one off, hand made item. Black satin with black and gold trim, gold pentagrams in three corners, Sun-moon with tassel in forth corner - 1 metre square. Unique and made with love.

QUILLS - exclusive ! - Spyder Shoppe Creation
Fluffy and Straight Feather quills - excellent quality in a range of colours you will love. Natural hand cut Quill Feathers - Goose and Turkey feathers.

and MUCH MORE........
There is more great new items now in stock such as basic nib pens, Aust wood turned nib pens with matching Aust. wood Ink pots. Two styles of Chalices (Silver Plated and Cobalt Blue Glass) for your altar plus Rosewood and Brass handles Athames. See also these hanging woven pentagrams in large, small size and a close up of the Willow Wand, both from our Ritual Tools Gallery. Plus some great value Magickal Starter Kits - Altar Starter Kit and Candle Magick Starter Kits. See our ordering page.

I have sort many new products of late and have not updated this page for a while as you can see. But well....I think it was worth the wait...dont you?

April 1999
*Magic Journal - New - Suitable as a Book Of Shadows, a Dream Journal or even as a lovely book to record your poems or memoirs.
The Magic Journal comes in a range of colours such as black, purple and red.

Ritual Tools Gallery - Coming April 99
A wonderful range of hand crafted items - You will discover books of shadows, wands, witchy bottles and hand woven magical diagrams and more.
Sneak preview image.

*Magical Book List - Now Updated
See also recommended reading list - results of a survey conducted by SunsetSeashell - WPSG Australia.

March 1999
*Aromatherapy Oil Burners - New - Two styles in four different colours at a very low cost.

February 1999
*Discovering Witchcraft Video Series - Exclusive New Release!!!
"A Journey Through The Elements" - VHS Hi Fi Stereo - 87 mins
Join the authors of Eight Sabbats for Witches, Th 1000 e Witches’ Way, The Witches’ Bible and many other highly regarded books on modern Wicca, as they explain to a new initiate what Witchcraft is, what it means to be a Witch, and demonstrate the inner workings of the Craft in a series of practical lessons and rituals. Educational Media for the Western Mystery Traditions By Jannet & Stewart Farrar with Gavin Bone. Order your copy today.
Just arrived and available now - We are very proud to bring this series to Australia.

*Magical Graffiti Online - NEW version now LIVE !
Featuring a terrific range of fonts that you can download to make your graffiti even more unique. There are many new enhancements for your viewing pleasure. You can even tell your friends via email directly from the wall - its all Free! So have a look and tell us what you think.

*Tell A Friend
We are pleased to announce that you can now tell your friends about The Realm Of White Magic and include your own comments within your email if you wish. If you like Charlie Brown - you will love the graphical treat. So go on and tell a friend or two about our site.

January 1999
*Witchcraft Magazine - NEW ISSUE RELEASE - Issue 9 (latest edition). Order your copy today......filled with Magic, Myth and Mystery! Forward subscriptions are now available for the next three issues of Witchcraft magazine.

*Celtic Craft Calendar 1999 - Order your copy now !
Keep watch for the Celtic Craft Calendar 2000 - to be released in Aug 1999.

*FREE SPELLS - Thanks to Mr Noisy - requesting our Free Spells is now much quicker and easier. Check it out!

*Tell A Friend
We are pleased to announce that you can now tell your friends about The Realm Of White Magic, using our Tell A Friend page - ITS FREE !
Thank you to Mr Noisy for his wonderful web page creations.

*Magical Graffiti On-line - NEW VERSION COMING IN FEB 99
We have had such a wonderful and colourful response from our current first version of Graffiti Online, that Mr Noisy has decided to create a new and improved version. Featuring a wide new range of fonts that you can download to make your graffiti even more unique. There is a new and more powerful word detection which will keep course language and unpleasant vistors down to a minimum. You can even tell your friends via email directly from the wall.

*Discovering Witchcraft Videos - 3 Part Series -Available soon. We apologise for the delay. Currently we are still trying to negotiate the production of these videos here in Australia. In the meantime, please browse our web pages about Discovering Witchcraft Video Series. You are welcome to order your copy which will be sent to you once they become available.
Part One - A Journey Through The Elements.
Educational Media for the Western Mystery Traditions By Jannet & Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone.
Email me for any enquiries you may have or you can order your copy by clicking on this link.

*New Products Coming Soon- Pages currently under construction. See our products page for more details. Note that we will also be mailing out a newsletter hopef 1000 ully in Feb 1999.

*Our Magical Message Board
Please note that we reserve the right to delete messages that do not meet the conditions of use on our BBS! By date - messages will be regularly removed by our BBS Manager - SunsetSeashell.

November 1998
*Discovering Witchcraft Videos - 3 Part Series - Available Now - Educational Media for the Western Mystery Traditions By Jannet & Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone.
Part One - A Journey Through The Elements.
Web pages currently under construction. Email me for enquiries and/or your order.

*Magical Graffiti On-line - New - Have Your Magical Say!
Be anonymous as you like. Place your quotes, tips, chants, spells or any useful information that you would like to share with others that visit our Magical Wall of Wisdom!
Magical Graffiti - Its interactive, colourful and fun. Enjoy!

*Spellbox Rituals and Spells - take 15% Off - Just What You Need.
How man other gifts can connect you to the magic of your heart, bring about change and are a joyful experience? Spellbox - celebrates life.
Seek the magic!

*Magical Journal - NEW from Spellbox - Just Released !
A thick book, beautifully bound with classic spring latch closure. Hard back with gold embossed front cover. Filled with natural blank pages to write your magical writings.
Suitable as a Book Of Shadows, a Dream Journal or even as a lovely book to record your poems or memoirs.
The Magical Journal comes in a range of colours such as black, purple, yellow and blue.Email me if you are interested. Web page and pic coming soon.

October 1998
*Witchcraft Magazine - New Release - Issue 8 (latest edition). Order your copy today......filled with Magic, Myth and Mystery!

*New Products already available by Mail Order - soon to be added to our product pages on-line.

- Magical Ink For The Elements
- Magick Of Flowers
- Papa Jo's New Orleans Incense Prayer Powder
- Papa Jo's New Orleans Prayer Oils
- Papa Jo's Prayer Kits
- Golden Seal Root, Valerian Root plus new mystical oils, herbs, lodestones and more will be added.
*New - Janet & Stewart Farrar Videos - 3 part series. We are working on it right now.

*New Shopping Cart (much faster), a Searchable Database of our Products plus a Search Engine for our pages. Available Soon. Phew!!!! Mr Noisy saves the day once again.....

September 1998
*Magical Book List - new service. Order on-line or by mail order.
*Unfortunately, we are still recovering from the floods of late.

August 1998
*Magical Inks - *NEW*....now see what they look like - we have added a photo to their page.

*The Australian Celtic Craft Calendar 1999 - Now Officially Released - designed for the southern hemisphere and beautifully illustrated.

*SpellBox Rituals & Spells - NEW - Just Released
- Come On A Journey into Spellbox and Seek The Magic!

July 1998
*Currency Converter added to all of our on-line order forms for your convenience.

*Witchcraft Magazine - New Release - Issue 7 (latest edition) available now!
Order your copy today......filled with Magic, Myth and Mystery!

*Self Blessing - preserved in html - soon to be a part of our Gallery Of The Goddess.....

*Clairvoyance Brew - Read Witchcraft Magazine's Review on our Brew - Issue 7, on page 11.

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