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Guided Meditations and Relaxations CD

by Deborah-Kaye

As seen in Australian Witchcraft magazine- Issue No. 32.

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  1. Body Relaxation
  2. Cumulus
  3. Channelled Meditation
  4. Daphnis
  5. White Light Clearing
  6. Fire Dance
  7. Looking Within
  8. Earth
  9. Breathe Meditation

"Further Into The Light"

$25.00 ($AUD) - 9 tracks

Let Deborah guide you through various meditations backed with gentle music tones. Instruments include the Didgerdoo, Flute, Saxaphone and more. Deborah's voice is soft and gentle, which does not intrude on your mediation experience.

A selection of 9 seperate meditation tracks to choose from. A very unique Meditation CD, made here in Australia by Deborah-Kaye.

SPECIAL OFFER - receive Deborah-Kaye's 'Meditation Oil' 10ml - with each Meditation CD (Value $12.00)
$25.00 ($AUD)
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Nine tracks of inspired bliss, five with spoken guided relaxations and meditations.

Features original music!
CD: Further Into The Light
Label: Haigelbagel Productions, Australia
Credits: Relaxations and Meditations
by Deborah-Kaye; vocals, lyrics.
All music composed and performed
by Haig Burnell; Instruments include keyboards, clarinet, flute, didgeridoo, percussion and saxophone.
Wayne Baker; engineering and production.
Click to view larger photo of Australia's Deborah-Kaye Deborah-Kaye
Channeller, Psychic Healer, Clairvoyant and Medium.

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Deborah-Kaye Meditations Play List
Channelled Meditation - Track 3
1426 kb - .MP3 Download Now
Daphnis - Track 4
959 kb - .MP3 Download Now
Breath Meditation - Track 9
1018 kb - .MP3 Download Now

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About Deborah-Kaye

I am a well known, highly respected, accurate, Clairvoyant and Medium. I am also a gifted Spiritual Healer and Psychic Surgeon, Esoteric Herbalist, and Teacher/Facilitator.
My main client base is in South Australia, and I also consult on a regular basis with my clients interstate, in America, New Zealand, England and Asia.

Whether you are grieving for a loved one, have your relationship unexpectedly end, or you are suffering from any of the many and varied problems that we face day to day, and feel we can’t cope with, have a one-on-one counselling session, to help you through these difficult times. Also Voice Dialogue, a technique to take you back to the origin of problems that are holding you back, can also be utilized. Let Spirit help unlock the past, (this life, and past lives), to let you become aware of what is blocking you from the success and happiness you so richly deserve.

~ Further Into The Light Meditation Workshop ~ The Joys of Divination ~ Herbs & Oils Esoterically ~ ~ Beginners Tarot Workshop ~
~ The Woman Within Seminar ~ Laying-On of Hands Workshop ~ Psychic Development Workshop ~ Healing with Crystals Workshop

~ Hands-on Healing ~ Psychic Surgery ~ Chakra Balancing ~ Crystal Wand Healing
~ Chakra Crystal Healing ~ Aura Cleansing and Energizing

Select your time frame of: Near Future (six months) or a Year (month by month).
~ Past-Present-Future (this life) ~ Life Reading (important events) ~ Past Lives

You may have a pre-written list of questions, or Spirit can guide you on the day. Some of the areas we cover are: Past Lives, Life Purpose & Lessons, Diagnostics (Your Health), Life Guides & Guardian Angels, Past, Present & Future (this life).

Bring along photos of: friends, family, and loved ones.
~ Contact departed loved ones ~ Find out past life links.

Click for Booking Information OR Call us Direct on 02 43400558 to book a Phone Consultation with Deborah-Kaye

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~ Deborah-Kaye's Workshop/Seminar Schedule ~
“Woman Within Seminar” - Coming Soon!
The first Seminar is for today's woman wanting to reclaim the feminine power of The Goddess, within herself. Working with the Goddesses;
* Hera - Goddess of Marriage
* Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth
* Athena - Goddess of Wisdom & Craft
* Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt & Moon
* Demeter - Goddess of Motherhood
* Aphrodite - Goddess of Love & Beauty
* Persephone - Queen of the Underworld

Amongst the seven Goddesses you will find your archetype personality, and in doing so, you will discover the full potential, of the woman within. This enlightening and thought provoking seminar focuses on the ancient and wondrous myths, and archetypes, of each Goddess, including:

* Work - Sexuality - Strengths
* Difficulties - Personality - Relationships
* Personal Role in Life

We will work with the strengths and difficulties within each of the Goddess archetypes, to help you achieve your goals, and fulfil your life purpose. The seminar opens with a talk and discussion on the myths and legends that surround the seven Goddesses, allowing you to get to know their basic personalities.
You will then be taken through a questionnaire, to discover which of the Goddesses you identify with. You will receive your own Goddess Profile, to take home to study, and refer to, at your leisure.

~ "Special Gift" of a bottle of Goddess Oil ~
~ For all goddesses who attend ~

Seminar Duration: 4 Hours Location: Sydney - Date To Be Advised

The final workshop date will be confirmed according to your demand and interest. Once minimum placements have been filled, we shall advise you of final date and time for Deborah-Kaye's "Woman Within Seminar".

Date: Date To Be Advised

Cost: $TBA (4 hour duration)

How To Book - Pre-book your place now by calling The Realm of White Magic on (02) 4340 0558 or send us an e-mail.
Send an E-Mail to DeborahKaye @
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