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Trees Please! cards are produced in Australia featuring a photo of the fully matured tree and sample seeds (real seeds). Seed Cards currently available are Blue Gum, Candlebark, Golden Wattle, Manna Gum, Pink Gum, Red Gum and Stringybark. Cards are available to order individually or as a pack of 7! (each card comes with envelope)

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As seen in Australian WitchCraft magazine - Issue no 31

Australian Orders ... $3.95 AUD per card or $26 for a Set of 7 Cards
International Orders ... $4.95 AUD per card or $32 for a Set of 7 Cards

Hans Heysen
more than an artist

HANS HEYSEN was an ardent conservationist

Back in 1913 Sir Hans Heysen was a founding member of the South Australian Forest League which was formed to save native trees and forests. He was so dedicated to the trees that he paid the Mount Barker Council NOT to cut them down. He purchased most of the land at The Cedars for the sole purpose of saving the trees. If you walk out onto the property you will see many of those magnificant trees. They are now a living legacy for future generations. Art galleries worldwide boast Heysen masterpieces, but some 'genuine' originals can still be found growing at The Cedars... LIVING ARTWORKS!

The remnant bush at The Cedars is under threat from exotic weeds (mostly broom and gorse), and the local not-for-profit volunteer Landcare group Trees Please! is working to save it. Large areas have been cleared of weeds and several thousand trees and shrubs (grown from seed collected on the property) have already been planted.

This is to ask you to consider purchasing our cards or making a tax-deductible donation to Trees Please! to help with the restoration of precious remnant bush.       [ Click for Donation Form ]

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