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Goddess of Love Potion - 100ml. Contains a semi-precious Garnet crystal bead.
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$39.50 per Gift Set
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Goddess Of Love Potion
is beautifully presented with a Love Spell Booklet and Red Candle.

An Inspiring Gift

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Attract Your Soulmate!

Deborah Gray, (Australia's "Good Witch"), popular "New Idea" columnist, internationally best selling author and reknowned expert on ancient magick and spellcasting, presents the enchanted "Goddess of Love Potion".

Shrouded in mystery for thousands of years, its magickal powers of seduction are now finally revealed by Australia's "White Witch", Deborah Gray, who offers it to all those wishing to attract their soulmate, rediscover their true love, and bring passion and desire into their lives.

Bring true love
& passion into your life

For centuries women and men have been dreaming up new ways to attract their soul mate or hot up their sex life - aphrodisiacs, spells and potions. However, it has always remained a mystery what makes a true Love Potion work?

An exquisite blend of 15 natural Essential Oils, rare spices and other secret ingredients specifically selected by Deborah Gray for their magickal and seductive powers.

Magickally blended to an ancient secret recipe, this perfume and body oil is an exquisite elixir of exotic aromatic oils and herbal aphrodisiacs that will delight the senses and surround you with powers of seduction.

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$39.50 per Gift Set
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Goddess of Love Potion
Gift Box Set

by Deboray Gray

Includes prized and sought after botanical essences such as:
  • Frankincense (Magickal Energy)
  • Rose (Beauty & Seduction)
  • Jasmine (Mystical Love)
  • Jojoba (Herbal Moisturiser)

Floral oils extracted from the virgin press of flowers have been infused in a pure Grade 1 Jojoba Oil. The Jojoba Oil is so fine it will absorb into the skin leaving it beautified and softened and delicately fragranced with floral and citrus notes.

Unlike modern fragrances it does not contain any alcohol, it is a pure all natural fragrance.

Based on the ancient methods of perfume making used by true Love Goddesses such as Cleopatra, Deborah Gray's Goddess of Love Potion has been developed in the most traditional way.

In ancient times women wore breast plates adorned with exquisite garnets and rubys which were thought to attract the attention and feelings of their desired one. For this reason, each unique heart shaped bottle of Goddess of Love Potion contains a semi-precious Garnet crystal bead to help bring the love of others to you, and stimulate a positive energy flow.

Deborah also includes a red candle and love spell booklet to gently guide you through the magick world of love.

Goddess of Love Potion
Gift Set
by Deborah Gray

$39.50 each
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"Believe In Yourself & The Magickal Power Of Love"
– Deborah Gray

Valentine's Day Love Spell

'Thou art my love and I am thine – when I cast a spell for Valentine.'

It's that time of the year again, when love is in the air!  Whether you are searching for your soulmate, looking for a lost love or already married to your perfect match, we could all do with a bit of extra romance and passion power – and what better time to weave a little love magick than around Valentine's Day!

Well luckily for us the love power of the Valentine festival lasts a lot longer than just one day.  In ancient pagan days February 14th started a whole month of celebration in honour of the Goddess of Love and Marriage.  Goddess Juno was celebrated in Rome while the ancient Greeks bestowed their blessings onto Goddess Aphrodite, to bring passion and harmony to courting couples and good luck to any singles who are searching for their ideal lovemate.

You can cast this love spell on Valentine's Day or any day after the 14th February for at least one month.

Gather together:

  • three pieces of white paper or parchment,
  • a green pencil,
  • a small snip of your own hair
  • and some Goddess Of Love Potion.

Write down the intended lover's name – or if you wish to attract your perfect match, just write the word 'soulmate' – on each of the three pieces of paper and then also sprinkle a little of your hair and a few drops of the Goddess Of Love Potion on top of each page.  Roll the pieces up one by one and concentrate on attracting your lover towards you as you hold them near your chest and say:

    "With Goddess power so divine, I curl my locks as you do mine, one before and two behind, be my only Valentine."

Seal the spell's power by putting the paper balls under your bed before you go to sleep and leave there for seven nights.

Magick and Light.....Deborah Gray.

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