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Handcrafted Ritual Treasures from MasterCraftsman ShadowSmith

A ShadowSmith Original - runic lightning bolt logo

These beautiful works of art are truly magickal in every way.  Hand Crafted by ShadowSmith, Pagan Artificer and Master Craftsman, each one is unique, hours of its maker's energy given form for you to hold, wear, or wield.

Made to last, ShadowSmith creations boast extremely high quality and workmanship.  All of ShadowSmith's unique treasures are handmade, by the hands of the Master Craftsman himself, here in Australia.

MasterCraftsman ShadowSmith is a qualified metal worker who has hand crafted and studied jewellery and art metal work for over 30 years.  A life long interest in minerals and gem stones has led to prospecting and mining of many rare and unusual gem materials.  Cutting and shaping these beautiful gifts of nature combined with the skills of the metal worker to produce unique and original pieces.  His original designs offer a rare and inspiring creation that you will treasure always.

ShadowSmith creations include:

Handcarved boxes by MasterCraftsman ShadowSmith - click for detail view

All Hand Crafted in noble metals, precious stones and exotic timbers by a master metalsmith.

ShadowSmith believes that ritual tools and jewellery must have meaning to the wearer, as well as decorative elements.  Featuring a unique range of hand crafted esoteric symbols and talismans laden with precious and semi-precious stones, ShadowSmith creations are as unique as the owner and can be custom designed for your personal needs.

All ShadowSmith creations can be made with your choice of stones - please enquire.

Click here to request a quote for your own custom-designed Ritual Treasure by MasterCraftsman ShadowSmith.

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The Realm of White Magic accepts no responsibility for misuse of these or any religious artifacts.

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This gallery is currently under construction - check back regularly to view the latest Ritual Treasures from MasterCraftsman ShadowSmith!  New athames, boxes, and jewellery are constantly being added, to bring you the complete ShadowSmith collection.

A ShadowSmith Original - runic lightning bolt logo

Each item crafted by ShadowSmith bears the mark of the artist - a Runic "s" Lightning bolt.
Only a ShadowSmith original bears this symbol.

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