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Invoking The Goddess
by Anique Radiant Heart

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As seen in Australian Witchcraft magazine- Issue No. 32.
CD - $25.00
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Released May 2002

$25.00 AUD
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Co-produced by: Anique Radiant Heart & David Calaby
All words and music Anique Radiant Heart
(with the exception of "Ancient Mother Traditional")
Arranged, orchestrated, recorded and engineered
at The Greenroom Studio S.A. by David Calaby
Cover Art by: Sahara Zamira

Invoking The Goddess

All the prayers, chants and songs were channelled whilst in trance state or during meditation. They came complete and powerfully through my heart and my voice to be shared with you. Know that love is the only answer and that the Goddess is always with you.

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Invoking The Goddess

Listen with your heart, clear your mind and hear the sounds of the Goddess.

Since time out of mind, song and chant have been used to bring communities together, to heal, to invoke the Divine and to record the lives and times of the peoples of the Earth. Long before the patriarchal religions and Eastern mystical paths practiced by aspirants today, there existed a global, peaceful, enlightened community of Goddess worshippers. She was worshipped by many names in most areas of our beautiful planet. Known as Hecate, Tiamat, Astarte, Medusa, Kore, , Diana, Cerridwen, Hathor, Isis, Changing Woman, Innana, Bast, Kwan Yin, Tanath, Chantico, Amaterasu, Bridgit, Pele, Anu, Maya, the Rainbow Serpent, Queen of Heaven, Ix Chel, Kali, Selene, Lakshmi, Durga, Spider Woman, White Buffalo Woman, Shekina, Gaia, the Great Cosmic Mother of All and many many more names, the great Goddess of the ancient peoples of the earth loved and inspired her children and gave them life.

Much wonderful art and music has been created in worship and adoration of the munificent Feminine Divine. This creation is my contribution to this great body of work. All the prayers, chants and songs were channelled whilst in trance state or during meditation. They came complete and powerfully through my heart and my voice to be shared with you. The artistry of David Calaby has enriched the vocals with inspired and beautiful musical accompaniment.

Daily Spiritual Practice.......

This CD can be used in a number of ways. Ideally, time will be taken each morning to sit in stillness and listen. The first prayer "SHE CHANGES" is designed to connect you to the Divine. By taking some deep breaths while you listen to the sounds of toning and water, your heart will open and your psychic channels will clear. The prayer will activate your ancient memories and often tears will flow. This is good, as tears are the windows of the Soul. Healing is taking place.

With your heart open wide, the "GRATITUDE CHANT" is designed to be sung whilst listening to the many layers of voice and sound. As you embrace this chant, your gratitude will grow and you may wish to substitute your own words.

This is followed by the seven Chakra Chants. The chants were developed as part of my course "SINGING THE CHAKRAS". In teaching about the chakras and their correspondences, I found assigning Goddesses to each chakra, made it easier for students to understand the energies associated with each chakra.

Kali relates to the Root Chakra and is primarily about our ability to be flexible, to change in order to grow. It is also our primary connection to the Earth;

Hathor relates to the Womb or Belly Chakra and inspires us to use our creativity in order to lead healthy lives, to co-create our lives with the Divine;

Pele rules the Solar Plexus and allows us to feel our fear and move through it. She teaches us that the correct expression of anger is a healthy and necessary part of being balanced;

Kuan Yin, the great Mother of Compassion, supports us in our efforts to love and let go in order to grow. She is my favourite of all the Goddesses as is the Heart Chakra, the centre of our chakra energy systems. My singing comes from the heart;

Medussa, warrior Goddess, sits at the gate of our Throat Chakra and encourages us to speak our truth, energising our communication both physically and Spiritually;

Isis, Queen of the Nile and muse of the ancient sibyls, breathes into our Third Eye Chakra, facilitating divination, channelling and prophesy. She energises our intuition and lifts dusty veils from our archetypal memories;

At the Crown Chakra, the Ancient Mother calls us to connect with Her. As Spider Woman, She spins a silver thread which connects Her to our Crown Chakra, always allowing us a direct connection with Her wisdom and guidance. She holds us in Her loving, ample, lap and whispers in our hearts.

(There are breathing techniques and dance movements for each of the Chakras, which are available on request. Simply call the number on the back cover of this CD.)

Its all in the journey......

At this stage of listening to the CD, you will be connected to the Divine, living in your Gratitude, all your energy centres will be activated and spinning it is time to celebrate!

"INVOKING THE GODDESS" the title track on this album, came to me when I was recovering from pneumonia 3 years ago. I was feeling very low, I wondered whether I would still be able to do my work of service in Gathering the women each year. M y voice was almost gone and I feared ever being able to sing again because of the lung damage I had sustained. I prayed for guidance. The Goddess came to me in all her beauty and splendour, stood before me and told me that a new voice would emerge, and that I would sing in a different way. She then stroked my eyes shut and told me to sing. I pressed the button on my recording machine, which I always keep by my side when I meditate, and croaked into it. The result was "Invoking the Goddess".

Enjoy these prayers, songs and chants. I dedicate them to you in your search for the Divine. I encourage you to deepen your Spiritual Path by daily spiritual practice, by community singing and service, and by simply expressing your joy to others. Know that love is the only answer and that the Goddess is always with you.

Anique Radiant Heart

Anique Radiant Heart is a wild witchy woman who has dedicated her life to serving and teaching about the Great Cosmic Mother of all.

I was born in Egypt in 1947 of French/Lebanese Jewish parents. In 1956, due to the dictatorship at the time, my whole extended family chose Australia as our new home. I was born into a life of deep spiritual belief, and strong ethno/cultural connection.

In the late seventies, I discovered feminism. It was a revelation that led me to question all hitherto important areas of my life, including religion. They were heady days, and I grew and developed at an amazing rate of knots. I quickly became unhappy with the patriarchal Jewish notion of Spirit. I could no longer relate to a vengeful, omnipresent male deity, who decreed that women were second class and that one race of people were better than another, "the chosen."

In 1982 I attended my first Women’s Spiritual Festival at Ballina. This was a major turning point in my life. It was here that I discovered the Goddess and my sacred connection.

Since the early eighties I have been working deeply to develop the closest possible connection with Spirit on a daily basis. I have educated myself and worked with a number of inspiring Spiritual teachers who have guided me along a wondrous and transformational path. I have realised that my work in the world is to gather women and share my knowledge. The Goddess has gifted me with a spectacular voice and I use it to heal and teach women how to heal themselves. I have produced 5 albums, the last four on CD.

In October 2001, I released my best work to date, a stunning album of prayers, chants and songs dedicated to the Goddess called "INVOKING". It is designed as a daily spiritual practice, and many women are using it each morning to begin their day. The seven chakra chants I use in my workshop "SINGING THE CHAKRAS" are also on the CD, so at last I have the teaching aid I deserve, to best teach women how to heal their bodies and souls with tone and chant.

I now focus my life on my workshops, spiritual music, and write songs and chants for women to use in daily spiritual life. This is a process that I like to savour and take time with. I have already written a number of chants which I use in one of my monthly workshops "SINGING THE CHAKRAS", as well as a number of devotional songs in the gospel style.

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