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Super Size Lodestones - Strong Premium Quality For Attraction
  • Super Size Lodestones - New Sizes Available
    Hurry - Order Now as XL Lodestones are subject to availability!

    Crackle Quartz Tumbled Pocket Crystal Stones Pyrite or 'Fools Gold' Tumbled Pocket Crystal Stones
  • New Pocket Crystals -
    Crackle Quartz - Wishing Stone
    & Pyrite - 'fools gold'
    Macrame 'Pocket Crystal' Holder - Colourful - Use to carry, hang or wear your favourite gem stones
  • Order your colourful
    Macrame 'Pocket Crystal' Holders
    to match your new tumbled stones.

    Chakra Spire Pendant - features 7 gemstones representing the 7 chakras Magick Circle Mandala Pendant - Nebula - by Oberon Zell Abracadabra 'Good Fortune' Magical Triangle Pendant on Black Cord - Pewter Animals 'Communication With All Creatures' Talisman on Black Cord - Pewter Yin Yang Tribal Pendant on Black Cord - Pewter
  • New Range of Symbolic Jewellery Pieces.

  • See our Symbolic Jewellery for more NEW talismans too!

    Fairy Slave Bracelet with Chain and Ring - Pewter Celtic Knotwork Cuff Bracelet - Copper and Brass Roman Slave Bracelet with Chain and Ring - Pewter
  • New Range of Slave Bracelets with chains and ring - Pewter.

  • New Celtic Cuff Bracelet - Made from Brass and Copper.

    Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet - 7 Stones - Harmony Malachite Crystal Chip Bracelet - Courage Blue Howlite Crystal Chip Bracelet - Communication
  • New Crystal Chip Bracelets and Necklaces (Regular and Chunky size)
    Choose your favourite Crystal for its beautiful colours or for healing and to attract certain conditions toward you. Crystal Chip Jewellery is a New section in our Jewellery pages.

    Mini Peacock Feathers - Coloured Stems - 7 Colours
  • New Mini Peacock Feathers - Coloured and Natural
    These dainty feathers are small enough for jewellery making, bookmarks and magickal spellwork. Decorative and brightly coloured.

    Dream Dictionary - A-Z Element Encyclopedia of The Celts Spells and How They Work by Janet and Stewart Farrar
  • New Magical Books
    Discover our newest additions to the Magical Books page.

  • NEW - Nib For Ink Pens - Post Office 'Gold Gilt Nib' for quill or nib pen. This shiny gold gilt nib comes with all of our quill pens. Now you can order this nib on its own if you wish.

    Mojo Bag - Reversible - Red and Black
  • New Page - All about Mojo Bags
    Plus new Reversible Double Action - Mojo Bag.

  • NEW - 5ml - Plastic Pipettes - these replace our old 2ml size. Handy for mixing oils and getting liquid into small containers.

    Small Clear Glass French Temple Jar with Glass Lid - 140ml Tall Clear Glass Square Bottle with Shiny Silver Cap - 100ml Seamless Clear Glass Apothecary Jar with Glass Lid - 600ml
  • New Clear Glass Bottles and Jars
    Discover new bottles and jars for storage/gifts - our French Temple Jar is a must!

    Male Image/Figure Candle (Adam) - Green Female Image/Figure Candle (Eve) - Black 7 Knob Wishing Candle - Red Egyptian Cat Ritual Candle - Black Ritual Skull Candle - Reversible - Black Outside and Red Wax Inside
  • Discover our NEW range of Image/Figure Candles for Rituals and all kinds of spellwork.

  • NEW - Extra Large Size Rose Of Jericho (Rare) - Limited Availability!

    Worry Dolls - A Bag of Six Tiny Worry Dolls to take all your worries away! Worry Dolls - A Large sized Worry Doll to take all your worries away! Worry Dolls - Extra Large MAGNETIC Worry Dolls to take all your worries away!
  • New Worry Dolls
    A selection of Worry Dolls or Trouble Dolls from a bag of 6 tiny dolls to extra large 'magnetic' Worry Dolls!
    *Fair Trade Product*
    Circle Frosted Glass Bottle with Red Antique Style Spray Bulb and Red Tassel - 100ml Narrow Leaf Shaped Design Glass Bottle with Green Tassel Cap - 7ml Triangular Blue Frosted Glass Bottle with Blue Tassel Cap - 7ml
  • New Fancy Bottles Selection
    Gorgious Small Bottles with Tassel Caps in Earthy shapes.
    Plus a NEW stunning selection of Antique Spray Bottles with Bulb Pump and Tassels!
    Get in touch with your inner style and grace!
    Three Karma Rings Necklace
  • New Jewellery Three Karma Rings Necklace
    Worn around your neck or carried to remind you of how our every action is weighed and balanced by karma.
    Love Gratitude Stone - Rose Quartz Prosperity Gratitude Stone - Jade
  • New Gratitude Stones - Gratitude Stones aka 'magic rocks' assist us to focus on positive thoughts
    and help keep our spiritual focus. Express your Gratitude Today! Beautiful gift idea too!
    Nag Champa Perfumed Travel Candle Tin - Perfect For Travellers - No Mess!
  • New Nag Champa Perfumed Travellers Candle
     NEW Mini Squat Clear Glass Heart Jars - Suitable for your Wedding Favour and more!  NEW Small Star Shaped Clear Glass Jars - Suitable for your Wedding Favour and more!  NEW Clear Glass Perfume Tester Vials - 2ml - Carry several of your favourite scents with you
  • New Selection of Bottles, Jars and Vials
    Lucky Pocket Lodestone Crystal Kits
  • New sizes available from our Lucky Pocket Lodestones Crystal Kits
  • Lodestones Update - back in stock - Natural Lodestones plus a new range of Super Sized Lodestones from 50gms to 500gms!

  • Crystals Page Update - Check out our NEW Range of Amethyst and Citrine Clusters plus we have more Fairy Cross Stones - small and super sized available - be quick!

  • Try our NEW Kamini - Mini Guest Soaps - Small and cute, selection of 8 fragrances, suitable for travellers, gifts and more - Set of 24 soaps - 18gm packs.

  • NEW Kamini Fragrance - Frangipani Beauty Soap - 100gm pack - Attracts and draws love and lust towards you.

  • NEW Kamini Garden Incense Sticks - Citronella Garden Sticks - 60gm pack - Great Value!

  • Cinnamon Brooms - Information Update - see customer photos sent in - 'Jumping Over The Broom Ceremony' info.

  • Magickal Powders - New Addition, Lucky 7 Magickal Powder - Call on Lady Luck or the 7 Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin) to draw luck, good fortune and a sense of well-being.

  • Check out our NEW range of Motar and Pestles - Pentagram, Triple Goddess and new natural Wood

     New Range of Clear Glass Heart Jars - Suitable for your Wedding Sand Ceremony! A great display jar or vase for your herbs, flowers, feathers, bath salts and crystals
  • New Selection of Heart Jars with Cork Seal

    Suitable for your Wedding Sand Ceremony! A great display jar or vase for your herbs, flowers, feathers, bath salts and crystals.

  • Also See our New Synthetic Cork Stopper with Matte Black Top.
    New Crystal Rune Stone Sets
  • Check out our NEW Rune Sets with Bag and Instructions - 4 new crystal types to choose from.

    Kamini - Jasmine Luxury Soap - 100gm pack New Range of Luxury Soaps by Kamini - A mild 100% vegetable based herbal soap, use in preparation for ritual.

    *** The magical frangrance of Jasmine. Attracts love and good spirits, cleanses the aura, for psychic protection and psychic awareness. Use these luxurious soaps when bathing before ritual, meditations and spell workings to further empower your desired outcome.

    Select from Dragons Blood Soap, Aphrodisia, White Sage, White Musk and many more - choose from 11 fragrances!

    Try our NEW Kamini - Mini Guest Soaps - Small and cute, suitable for travellers, gifts and more - choose from Vanilla, Nag Champa or Patchouli - 18gm packs.

    Nag Champa Page Update - NEW Nag Champa Super Hit Soap

    Bottles, Vials and Jars - Another Page Update - NEW Large Plain 'Clock Face' Bottle and more!

    Rose Of Jericho - The Resurection Plant - Now Available in new Large Size - Large Rose Of Jericho

    Runes Page Update - Check out our NEW Rune Sets with Bag and Instructions

    Crystals Page Update - Check out our NEW Range of Tumbled Stones and Pocket Crystals plus we have more Fairy Cross Stones available to order.

    Divination Books and Tools Page Update - NEW Statue Palmistry Hand Statue available to order

    Jewellery HUGE Page Update - Several NEW Symbolic Jewellery pieces such as Magickal Athame Pendant, Soulmates Lovers Pendant, Witches Hat with Chain plus some Seals and Amulets.
    We have added NEW Celtic Jewellery pieces such as Triquetra Three, Tribal Heart, Triquetra Gypsy Bronze Pendant and an Antiqued Copper Celtic Cross Pendant.
    Have a look at our NEW Large Brass Pentagram In Circle Pendant.
    On our Goddess Jewellery page you will find a NEW Bronze Crone Goddess Pendant and Astra Star Goddess Pendant.
    Soulmates Lovers Pendant - The Loving Cup Silhouette for Love Spells Triquetra Gypsy Witch Pendant in Bronze Protect From Accidents Talisman Seal Pendant Celtic Tribal Heart in Sterling Silver Astra, Star Goddess - Sterling Silver with Blue Enamel by Oberon Zell

    May 2010

    Bottles, Vials and Jars - Huge Page Update - NEW Heart Bottles, Pyramid Bottles, Goddess Atomiser Bottle and more!
    Check out one of the most visited pages on our site - we appreciate your suggestions - Also See NEW Wedding Sand Ceremony set and Silver Top Cork for your favourite bottle of mead! Scroll down to the very bottom of our Bottles page for the interactive 'Message In A Bottle" thingy - Send your own message in a bottle to family and friends or add to a message and throw it back out into the ocean - its fun and its free!

    Oil Diffuser Example - Set Up with Our Elixir Bottle, Natural Diffuser Collar and Reed Sticks Nest of 3 Wave Vases for Wedding Sand Ceremony Frosted Glass Goddess Bottle with Matt Silver Atomiser - 30ml Royal Gold Crystal Perfume Bottle - Frosted with gold applicator rod - 14ml

    WitchCraft Magazine Back Issues Update - Now Collectors Item - Rare Issues Still Available
    We have updated our Wcraft magazine order form so that you can see exactly what issues we still have to offer. Our magazines are in mint condition.

    March 2010

    Quills Page Update - NEW Porcupine Genuine Quill for Writing with Ink!

    Crystal Runes Page Update - PRICE REDUCED on our Amethyst Runes.

    Trinket, Jewellery and Treasure Boxes Page Update - Here is just a few of the NEW boxes from wood, to bone to fuzed bronze!

    Art Nouveau designed by Veronese - 3 Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet - Click For More Aromatherapy Oil Storage Box - Inside View - 24 Slots for Bottles - Wood with Brass Accents - Click For More Mini Wooden Fairy Tale Treasure Chest with Latch Closure - Click For More Charmed Triquetra Keepsake Chest with decorative Latch Closure - Click For More

    February 2010

    Quills and Feathers page Update - NEW Brown/Black Tipped White Turkey Feather (imitation Eagle Feather).

    New Image, Figure or Iconic Candles page Coming - Male, Female, Lovers, Reversible Candles - Plse enquire as these are in stock now.
    Candles page update - New Tealight Candles - 9hr Tealights available $0.55 each or 9hr and 5hr Tealights in bulk

    The Witches Shield Book with CD by Christopher Penczak Magical Books - Huge Page Update!
    Featured Book - The Witches Shield Book with CD by Christopher Penczak!

    Lots of new books, Encyclopedias and a New Catagory - 'Young Pagans and Teens'

    Discover new titles, 'Goth Craft', Encyclopedia of Vampires,
    The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy plus more information 'Bible' books,
    an interesting and expanded range of Encyclopedias, the classic Ralph Blums 'Book of Runes' set and much more.

    Jan-November 2009

    Crystal Balls page update - New Sizes available including 140mm and a massive 190mm Crystal Ball!
    Nag Champa Products page update - New Nag Champa Perfume Oil, Lemon Soap and Nag Champa Car Sachets
    Bottles Page update - New Amber Glass Bottle 100mls and New range of Rainbow Crystal Perfume Bottles
    Crystal Balls page update - New Deep Purple Crystal Ball - 50mm
    Gums and Resins page update - New Bulk 1kilo size Frankincense Gum
    Incense Charcoal page update - New Medium Size Charcoal available per roll or bulk box

    April-November 2008

    Nag Champa Products page update - New Creamy Musk Soap and Nag Champa T-Lite Candles
    Magical Books Page update - Divination Section - NEW Palmistry Hand Statue
    Magical Books Page update - New Encyclopedias and Books added
    Crystals page update - New Large Pocket Crystals, Fairy Cross and Citrine Clusters

    March 2007

    Find some White Magic stuff on Ebay. CLICK the bottom Right Hand Link to see more! Add us to your Favourites and thankyou for looking. Please send us your suggestions! Our EBAY listings will change, so if this banner is empty, check back again to see whats new.

    Feb 2007

    NEW - FREE OFFER WITH YOUR ORDER!! Orders over $60 (not including postage) will receive 'With Compliments' a glass 'Crystal Gem filled Bottle' valued at $2.50. Orders over $120 will receive 2 x FREE Gem filled Bottles. Thanks for your suggestions.

    Fragrant Fairy Bottle Necklaces Children Love These! You can also place your own contents in these glass bottle necklaces - a nice gift at great price @ $4.00 each.

    Citrine Gem Bottle - 13 Types to Choose from - Click to View page Crystal Gem Bottles Collect them all! A must for your Crystal Collection, these solid glass bottles are filled with natural crystal chips and sealed with a cork. There are 13 different types to choose from or order the whole set.

    Find White Magic on MYSPACE We have made a home on MYSPACE - please visit us, add to your friends list. Watch out for our Bulletins on myspace.

    Find Spiral Dance on MYSPACE Spiral Dance, Australia's award winning Folk Rock band has a new home on MySpace - See some updated photos of the band and of course - tunes! Please visit them and add them to your friends list.

    Find Deborah Gray Jazz on MYSPACE Deborah Gray sings Jazz. Pleae visit Deborah Gray Jazz, add to your friends list.

    Find Magickal Mates on MYSPACE We recommend Magickal Mates as a great site to find like minded souls for friendship, magickal work and more.

    Oct/Dec 2006

    NEW SIZE ATHAMES - UPDATE NEW ATHAMES - 35cm with Black Wood Handle - Plain or Covered. Our Rosewood Athame is out of stock so we found another larger Athame that we think you might like - check out the designs using beautiful Cabachon Crystals set into the handle or have us make your own design!

    Oct 2006

    Please READ our UPDATED ORDERING INFORMATION PAGE. See our latest Order Delivery Options.

    Sept 2006

    We now accept payments via PAYPAL - email - paypalorders@whitemagic.com.au to send us your payment. Here is a link to our Secure Payment Page too. The Realm of White Magic Accepts These Payments in Australian Dollars

    June/July 2006

    NEW - Crystals Update We have a new shipment of Amethyst Clusters (from $3.50) and Citrine Clusters (from $10.50). Both are top grade and the citrine in particular is a nice dark colour. Much darker than photos on page.

    Church Incense - 20gm Jar - click for detail view Church Incense - New Packaging
    A blend of the most precious gums and oils
    Packaged in a re-usable Jar
    Contains 20gms of Church Incense

    **Pocket Crystals - New Photo Added. Check out our new Pocket Crystals photo - contains 100gms of mixed sized crystals. These crystals are small enough to decorate any magickal tool or item. Crystals types vary in each pack such as Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Citrine, Peacock Ore, Tiger Eye, Blue Lace Agate, Aqua Marine, Hematite, Blue Quartz, Clear Quartz, Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Agate and Rose Quartz.

    Celtic Triquetra with faceted blue topaz stone in claw setting by shadowsmith photo of Solid 9ct Gold - 9mm dia - Small Pentagram Pendant or Charm by ShadowSmith Sterling Silver Maltese Cross set with Faceted Garnet Stones Sterling Silver Maltese Cross set with Faceted Cubic Zurchonias

    **Jewellery Update - Here is just a few of the new pendants now available. We have added a range of Maltese Cross Pendants, a Motorcycle pendant and a new ShadowSmith 9mm Solid 9ct Gold Pentagram. See ShadowSmith's new Triquetra pendant with a larger stone in claw setting - new photos.

    Click To Order Click To Order Click To Order Click To Order

    **Magickal Books Huge Update - Here is just a few new titles that you will discover in EACH BOOK SECTION plus some lower prices as passed on from our suppliers. New books on Palmistry, Tea Leaf Reading, Dreams, Astral Projection and Astral Projection Kit, Sex Magick, Dragonlore, Wizardry, Occult Philosophy and more. Also take a look in our Encyclopedias section with several Elemental Encyclopedia's on Magical Creatures, Psychic World and Witchcraft - these books in particular are great gifts and a must have for your book shelf or coffee table!

    Lucky Pocket Lodestone Crystals Are BACK !
    Available in two sizes - Medium and Large


    New - "Natural Lodestone Chips" - 15gm Pack

    New - "Xtra Large Lodestones" in Natural, Red, Green and Gold
    Our Lodestones Are Australian!
    Australian Made

    **New Granular Incense - We have added two new granular incenses in 20gm packs - 'Prosperity' and 'Enlightenment'.

    **Update on Fragrant Oils - We have added some new descriptions from our research on our Fragrant Oils - take a look.

    **WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 5 - Now out of print. Our WitchCraft magazine back issues list has been updated - order that missing back issue before they are gone for ever!

    **Jewellery Update - Take a look at our jewellery as we have some new lower prices as passed on by our suppliers. There is also some matching earings available with certain pendants and a new design in the 'Silver Flame Ring' with black flames. We are about to add a range of Maltese Cross pendants which we think are really gorgious. These are already on our order form but not on the symbolic page as yet - watch this space!

    Jan-May 2006

    Click to learn more about The Quickening CD - NEW RELEASE 2006
    Spiral Dance - The Quickening - NEW ALBUM Australia's most popular band release their new album featuring 14 tracks, the first eight forming a song cycle of the sabbats that make up the Wheel of the Year in the Celtic calendar. The song for the festival of Imbolc called "The Quickening" became the title track for the album as it conveyed a positive energy associated with fertility and the spark of new life that reveals the coming of Spring.
    Click to learn more Adrienne Piggott - Lead Vocalist and Co-founder - Spiral Dance
    Spiral Dance will announce official interstate CD Launches in the next few weeks with possible venues in Canberra, Central Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Browse Spiral Dance updated pages with new photos and MORE listening links for your enjoyment. Note - we have just 1 copy of Woman Of The Earth CD then it will be out of print. Just click any order link in the spiral dance pages to order this cd or others.

    Dolphin Harmony Sunlight - Click for Detail view SUNLIGHTS UPDATE We have updated our Sunlights and Deluxe Sunlights pages - Window Jewellery for your home. Installed with online ordering links and two new designs - Night Star and Unicorn Dreams Sunlights. Click for Deluxe Sunlights featuring detailed etching in the nickel plated silver shimmering frames. All our Sunlights feature Swaroski Lead Crystals.

    NEW - Nag Champa Incense Cones and Soaps Due to your requests we have added more Genuine Nag Champa products to our pages. You will discover new ....*Nag Champa Incense Cones and new.....*Nag Champa Beauty Soaps - Rose, Herbal, Sandal and Orange.

    NEW - Smudge Mix In addition to our Australian Smudge Sticks we are now offering all natural Smudge Mix which is a 40gram bag of loose smudge mix (same ingredients as our smudge sticks).

    NEW SIZE - Mortar and Pestle Our popular coconut shell style mortar and pestles are really popular. We have added yet another new larger size to this range just for you.

    New - Top Grade Magic Lite Charcoal - Click for Detail View NEW - Charcoal and BULK Introducing our new 'Magic Lite' Top Grade larger Charcoal. Available by the roll or a bulk box. Our medium grade charcoal is also now available by the box - also new pics.

    New - Oil Bottle Pendants in 2 colours - Click for Detail View NEW - Oil Bottle Pendants Introducing our new design Oil Bottle Pendants. Choose from two colours. Also see these on our Bottles Page. Grab a Brass Mini Funnel shown on our bottles page for pouring oil into small bottles.

    NEW - Crystals Update We have a new shipment of Amethyst and Citrine Druze plus a new size in our Pocket Crystals. The Fairy Cross is now available in a new size.

    NEW - Bottles More updates with new tiny 1 and 2ml size bottles. New Elemental Diamond Perfume Bottles, Amber and Cobalt Blue bottles.

    NEW - BOOKS and TAROT ORDERING This page has a major update, now with ordering links, colourful book photos and more. See also our Tarot and Kits plus DVD and Video sections on this page.

    NEW - Cauldron with Pentagram A smaller sized cauldron featuring a silver and gold pentagram.

    NEW - Wax Seals and WAX Several new Wax Seals, lower prices and NEW Vermilion Wax Sticks.

    FINAL ISSUE - WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 47 is the final issue for Australia's longest running WitchCraft magazine. Visit our page for all the BACK ISSUES still available. See our Magickal Forum of Wisdom in the special WitchCraft Magazine Forum for all the news on the closing of the magazine.

    NEW - How To Turn Your Boyfriend Into A Love Slave - new title by Deborah Gray. Previously this book was titled 'Good Witches Guide To Sexy Sorcery'. Same book with new title (american version).

    NEW - Kinky Couture Book - new book by Deborah Gray. A Diva's Guide To Sex, Style and Erotica

    Aug/Sept/Oct 2005

    Natural Amethyst Runes - this set of Runes with Gold symbols - has a new lower price - $45 per set!

    Super Sized Lodestones - we have updated our page with new sizes available.

    Feather Quills Update - we have added loose Turkey Feathers in black or white.
    NEW Black Nib Pens - we have Black Nib Pens - budget price of under $3 - slender design - nice to hold.
    Ink Pots and Nib Pens - Australian Wood - we have updated the varieties of woods available for these items - there is even an ink pot made from Sandalwood! Be quick as limited stocks available.

    NEW Hematite Pentacles
    Available as a necklace on leather cord (on symbolic jewellery page) as shown or purchase this Hematite pierced Pentacle on its own (on crystals page). Click pics to go to page.

    Solid Hematite Pentacle with leather cord - Click for Detail view Solid Hematite Pentacle - Click for Detail view

    Gargoyle Belt Buckle - Solid Pewter - Click for Detail view NEW Gargoyle Belt Buckle
    Solid Shiney Pewter double sided
    Belt Buckle - take a look!

    NEW Jewellery Update! - Here is just a few of our NEW Jewellery pieces. You will see jewellery by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Courtney Davis and Shadowsmith. Please take a look through our jewellery section (symbolic, egyptian, celtic and body jewellery have been updated) we have added several new pieces. Below is just a few!
    Flying Witch on Broom Sterling Silver Pendant - Click for Detail view Sterling Silver Cauldron with engraved pentacle in circle - click for detail view photo of Sterling Silver 7 Pointed Fairy or Eleven Star set with 8 Amethyst stones photo of Solid 9ct Gold Pentagram with extended points in Circle by ShadowSmith - click for detail view Silver Flame - Element of Fire Teardrop Pendant - Sterling Silver with Enamel Flame inlay Gold and Sterling Silver Wizardry Symbol - Click for Detail View

    Magnetic Hematite Singing Power Stones - CLICK TO ORDER

    Beautifully finished highly polished Magnetic Hematite ovals for Fun, Healing and Metaphysical Uses!
    We have done the research and compiled full instructions and uses on this item. You won't be able to put them down!

    Magnetic Hematite Singing Power Magnets In Action

    Expanded Range of Bottles and Accessories
    Take a look at our new updated Bottles page - new Female Corsett Bottle, New Roll On Bottle, New Plastic Pippettes for Oils - Several new items.

    Brooms or Besoms - New Cinnamon Soaked
    Our new Cinnamon Soaked Corn Brooms are so earthy and very traditional. We think you will like these!

    NEW Design Feather QUILLS & Accessories
    See our new and improved Quill designs - new colours with quality gold nibs. See Natural Cut Nib Quills and Kits on this page for carved nibs - very traditional. Lots of photos on this page for your enjoyment!

    NEW Limited Edition Quill/Pen Stands
    All natural earthy Banksia Nut Quill/Pen Stands - Limited Edition.

    Peacock Feathers
    A new section, we are offering A-Grade natural Peacock Feathers in two sizes - use in spells or making ritual tools. More feathers coming soon!

    Hand Crafted Wood Ink Pots & Pens
    We have finally created a page for this range of hand crafted Ink Pots with matching Wood Pens. The aussie artist has come out of retirement to make more of these - very unique items!

    Nag Champa Products - Expanded Range
    We have added new sizes plus Garden Nag Champa Sticks, genuine Nag Champa Massage Oil and Nag Champa Soap - as per your requests!

    New Citrine Points and Mini Pocket Crystals - New

    New Chiastolite Stone (The Cross Stone) - New

    Fairy Cross Stone - New Size

    Crystal Balls - New Size 50mm

    Fairy Cross Stone Pendants - New Size

    Motar and Pestle - New Size Added

    Kava Kava Root Powder & Golden Seal Powder - New

    Lovers Embrace Oil (Special Crystal Bottle) - New - see photo.

    Travellers Chalice - New Lower Price

    Incense Matches - ARE BACK!

    Bundles Of Magic Incense Bundles - ARE BACK!

    Love Stones - ARE BACK!

    WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 46 - Out Now!
    Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

    May/June/July 2005

    WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 44 - Out Now!
    Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

    Mar/April 2005

    Jewellery Update - New Designs!
    See our Symbolic Jewellery page for new designs - Huge Scriptagram Pendant and new Witch Broom Pendant.
    **Levi Pentacle and Pentacle of The Goddess pendants ARE BACK!

    Slave Bracelets- New!
    See our Bracelets Jewellery page for a selection of celtic and medieval Slave Bracelets.

    Celtic Pendants - New Designs!
    New items such as Celtic Diffuser Locket with Chain and blotter pads for oil, Druid Celtic Fire Pendant and Nerthus Star Pendant has a new lower price.

    Triquetra Finger Ring - New!
    See our Body Jewellery page - New Sterling silver Triquetra adjustable ring added. An updated selection of Toe Rings has been added to our order form. Keep an eye on this page, we will be adding a new Gargoyle Belt Buckle - coming soon!

    WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 43 - Out Now!
    Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

    Perfume Oil Bottle Storage Chest - Now Available!

    We can also have your Athame covered in buckskin with your choice of crystals available.

    Please also NOTE that we can make your ATHAME COVERING to match any of our BOOKS OF SHADOWS designs! What is shown on our order form is just a small selection and your custom choices and designs are welcome. Also see the Custom Books page for ideas for your Athame Covering.

    Jan/Feb 2005

    GOAT SKIN, VIRGIN SHEEPSKIN, CALF VELLUM - NEW SUPPLIES We now have our full range of genuine parchements back in stock - various sizes available.

    MOJO BAGS - NEW COLOURS - BLACK & PURPLE Traditional Mojo Bags - now 6 colours to choose from - Order directly from HERE

    WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 42 - Out Now!
    Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

    Oct/Nov 2004

    Magickal Herbs, Roots and Powders - UPDATED We have added over a dozen NEW MAGICKAL HERBS to our range on this page. Parchment label on each pack features MORE INFORMATION on each Magickal Herb, Root or Powder such as GENDER, ELEMENT, PLANET, FOLK NAMES, BOTANICAL NAMES.

    Magickal Herbs with a FREE Crystal We have added CATNIP HERB - NEW.

    WitchCraft 2005 DIARY - OUT NOW This beautifully presented hard-cover book features a weekly diary (one week per page), a lunar calendar, special days and Sabbats to celebrate. Plus dedicated space to create your own Book of Shadows containing your own spells, rituals and special thoughts. This Diary and Book of Shadows is designed for the Southern Hemisphere, with Celebrations and Festivals adjusted to align with the seasons of the Southern Lands.

    WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 41 - Out Now!
    Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

    I have found more Rosewood handle with Brass Athames. The Athames have been added back onto our order form. Arriving in late NOV-DEC 2004 and prices remain unchanged!
    We can also have your Athame covered in buckskin with your choice of crystals available.

    Please also NOTE that we can make your ATHAME COVERING to match any of our BOOKS OF SHADOWS designs! What is shown on our order form is just a small selection and your custom choices and designs are welcome. Also see the Custom Books page for ideas for your Athame Covering.

    Aug/Sept 2004

    Classic Tetragrammaton - NEW DESIGN - Take a look at our new Classic Tetragrammaton Book of Shadows with Qtz crystal willow peg closure. See Magickal section of our Book of Shadows Gallery.

    Cauldrons - NEW SIZE - Take a look at our new smaller sized cauldron with a sterling silver pentagram. Useful for smudge, incense burning and small brews.

    Lodestones - NEW LARGE SIZE - These extra large size natural lodestones are special. The size is approx 6cm wide and nearly 200gms, these are hard to find. Highly prized by the magickal practioner for their powers of attraction and a wonderful addition to your crystal collection.

    Talisman Seals - NEW - Take a look at our full range of Tailsman Seals. We have added 12 new kinds of seals, making a total of 22 to choose from.

    Jobs Tears Powder Jobs Tears Powder - RARE - New Jobs Tears Powder is very rare and potent. It comes to you in a special parchment pack with gold seal, that opens out to reveal the powder and instructions. This powder is not widely available as it is difficult to grind up jobs tears.

    High John and Devils Shoestring Herb - NEW SIZES - New smaller packs of Devil's Shoestring and High John Root have been added for your convenience. Now available in 5gms and 10gm packs.

    Mini Herb Jar - NEW - We have added a new herb and incense storage jar. This one is plastic with white lid, airtight and very affordable at 90cents per jar.

    Mystical and Fragrance Oils - NEW PICS - We have updated the photos of our Mystical Oils and Magical Fragrance Oils.

    Magickal Inks - NEW PIC - We have updated the photo of special inks - Dragons Blood, Doves Blood and Bats Blood Ink.

    Lodestones - NEW PIC - We have updated the photo of Lodestone packs.

    **Coming Soon - Calf Vellum, Goat and Sheepskin parchment. (sept04)
    **Coming Soon - Magickal Fragrant Waters. Order here now Page Under Construction.
    **Coming Soon - 4 Thieves Vinegar. Order here now Page Under Construction.
    **Coming Soon - High John Floor Sweep. Order here now Page Under Construction.
    **Coming Soon - Four Leaf Clover - Genuine! Order here now Page Under Construction.

    New Books of Shadows Gallery ALL NEW - Books of Shadows Gallery
    Several new designs including the 3D Greenman and Goddess Books. These are really amazing books. A new Gothic book and a new colourful Butterfly Pentagram book are just a few of the new designs you will discover!

    On the special order form for the books, you have choice of colour buckskin, velvet, crystals and script. We have added a new buckskin colour - Beige, added many more crystal choices and several choices of script (eg theban, runic, elvish or runes)

    I hope you find this new order form easy to use - it allows you to customise your book, just the way you want it.

    Large Amethyst Cluster with polished Wood Stand Quartz Crystal Point Cluster

    Take a look at our CRYSTALS PAGE - updated with several NEW pieces.
    **Amethyst Clusters with wood Stand and Amethyst Clusters - NEW
    **Clear Quartz Point Clusters - NEW
    **Pocket Crystals - Children love these! Make great gifts - NEW

    June/July 2004

    WitchCrafter DVD Series - Wish On A Spell WitchCrafter DVD - Wish On A Spell by Deborah Gray - NEW
    **You Have Read The Books - Now See The Film!**

    The Ancient Art of Witchcraft has come of age in this fresh, new and compelling 'magickal cinema' Format. The premiere episode of 'WitchCrafter' will be released on DVD in August 2004 and stars internationally renowned magickal author Deborah Gray. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Pre-Order Your Copy Today - Save 10% on Full Retail Price
    Features superbly filmed 'how to' formulas and magical spells for love and passion, luck, wealth and house hunting, plus a compelling guide into the mysterious ingredients of legendary power - PLUS BONUS FEATURETTE with exclusive interviews and footage!

    Best Of WitchCraft Collections - Volume 1 - Out Now!
    To mark their 10th anniversary - yes, Witchcraft Magazine was first published back in June 1994 - we have compiled a collection of articles which featured in our first 3 editions (most of which are no longer in print), and put them all together in The Best of Witchcraft, Collections - Volume One.
    This anthology, the first of a set of three, is for everyone - new and old readers, young and not-so-young, male and female alike. There's a feast of articles to satisfy all your pagan interests from the difference between "black" and "white" magick, to dispelling the myths, coping in the new millennium, the influence of Egyptian and Celtic mythology on the Craft, lots of Goddesses to get to know, plus such taboo subjects as voodooism, sex magick and hero worship.

    WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 39 - Out Now! Special 10th Anniversary Issue!
    Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

    May 2004

    WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 38 - Out Now!
    Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

    Mar 2004

    WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 37 - Out Now!
    Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

    Academy Of Magick and Metaphysics - Join Now!
    Deborah Gray Magick is very pleased to be offering on-line Magickal Training courses. Starting from an introduction course into Visionary Witchcraft and Metaphysics and later offering different initiate levels, mastery classes in High Knowledge, Magickal Psychology etc.
    The first course offered at Deborah Gray's - Academy of Magick and Metaphysics - will be Visionary Witchcraft 1.*

    *'Visionary Witchcraft 1' (April 1st-June 1st 2004) - $33.00 (AUD) - Subscribe Here

    It will be held over 2 months and include an introduction into 'Visionary' witchcraft and Metaphysical Magick; different perspectives from the already widely-covered Wiccan concepts and provide an opportunity for Academy members to ask some pertinent questions and communicate through an e-circle with either Deborah Gray or one of her personally chosen teachers once a lunar cycle. Click here for more info.....
    1. April 1, 2004 - June 1, 2004 *further dates and courses to be advised.

    Jan 2004

    40mm size Crystal Ball - NEW
    A new smaller sized lead crystal ball with wooden stand, comes with storage box.

    Magickal Starter Kits - NEW and UPDATED
    We have grouped some relevant products together to save you time searching. Save 20% by purchasing a Magickal Starter Kit. New Kits include "Curio Folklore Selection" and "Altar Supplies Selection". From time to time we change the contents of our kits as new products become available.

    Bat's Blood Ink - IS BACK!
    Have you seen our Special Inks for creating Talismans on Parchment paper and for Spell work.

    Stardust Journals by Spellbox - NEW PICS!
    An unusual Journal with a shimmery star dust cover and Gold embossed Magick Symbol. 80 pages See Spellbox A4 Red Journal with gold embossed magick symbol - NEW PIC

    Mystical Oils Updated - NEW!
    See many NEW 'Mystical Oils' now available - Mars Oil, Rose of Jericho Oil, Last Chance Love Oil, Lucky Lodestone Oil, Shielding Oil, Amber Oil, Spanish Moss Oil, Vertivert and Gardenia Oil. Oils that were temp out of stock are now back, such as Snake Oil, Wormwood Oil, Balm of Gildead, Doves Blood Oil and Hemlock Oil. Please take a look.

    The Rose Of Jericho - IS BACK!
    Now available in two sizes - Small and Large.
    This is an everlasting plant with mystical qualities. Watch it miraculously come to life. Place the plant in a saucer of water and watch it grow.

    WitchCraft Magazine Issue no 36 - Out Now!
    Order the current issue, subscribe to future issues or grab one of the increasingly rare back issues!

    WitchCraft Magazine Diary 2004 - Out Now!
    Designed for the Southern hemisphere - order yours today!

    Glamazon - by Deborah Gray and Athena Starwoman - NEW BOOK
    Glamazon: How to be fabulous, famous and flawless is a humourous and sophisticated guide to how women can discover their inner allure and use it to create a life full of potential, power and...Prada. Glamazon women can be powerful, empowering to others and still enjoy perfume and powder puffs! Women can now have it all ; career, children, respect and equality in the workplace (and a dash of magick and glamour)!

    Sept/Oct 2003

    Spell Spinners Logo 'Spell Spinners' a new Australian product - - a fantastic way of introducing your child to the world of magic and positive affirmation! Discover the 'Spell Spinners Spells and Potions Kit' and the smaller 'Spell and Potion for Weary Worrywarts'. Please tell us what you think.......

    Bottles, Jars and Accessories - NEW
    Here is a collection of our empty bottles, jars and accessories. You will find very tiny bottles to larger bottles, which always come in handy. We highly recommend our Spoon Jar for storing our herbs, incense and gums.

    Storage and Treasure Boxes - UPDATED
    We have added a couple of new handcrafted boxes. A Perfume/Oil box that holds 12 bottles of oil and a fantastic etched Pentacle Altar Cabinet. Be sure to press 'refresh' on your browser to see the new changes.

    Magical Books Page - UPDATED
    All prices are now current. We have added several new books, tarot decks, encyclopedias and much more - take a look at our growing books available to order - we also want to hear your suggestions for books not listed there - Please!

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