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Each fragrance is made from hand blended oils according to ancient folklore recipes. These oils have been used throughout the ages to attract certain conditions. The blended oils are applied by hand to each stick to impart the individual fragrances.
Each colourful pack comes with a label describing the fragrance.

Our incense sticks are longer, which gives you more burning time than most other sticks. (up to approx 37cm)

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Special Magical Incense Sticks
(Jumbo length) $4.95 per pack of 12

Attract Business - Burn regularly in your place of business to attract the forces of abundance and prosperity towards you.
(Code:IS/S50) Click to Order

Attract Money - Light to attract money, customers and material gains towards you.
(Code:IS/S13) Click to Order

Astral Projection - Useful when visualizing and to help separation from the physical body.
(Code:IS/S25) Click to Order

Dragon's Breath -  Light & relax as you let yourself drift into the magical world of fantasy.
(Code:IS/S55) Click to Order

Dream Catchers -  Light and relax as you relive your dreams and fantasies.
(Code:IS/S52) Click to Order

Fairy Ring - Light to bring a little magic into your life.
(Code:IS/S51) Click to Order

Fantasy -  Light for a magical journey inwards, be what you want and have all you desire.
(Code:IS/S56) Click to Order

Fast Luck -  Light this incense when you want luck quickly.
(Code:IS/S33) Click to Order
Guardian Angel - Light, relax and commune with your ever present Guardian Angel.
(Code:IS/S62) Click to Order

Happiness - Light this incense to bring a joyful day and happiness to your heart.
(Code:IS/S41) Click to Order

Harmony - Light a stick each day to reinforce the goodness within you and let the light of love shine from your heart.
(Code:IS/S63) Click to Order

Healing -  Use to assist in both spiritual and physical healing.
(Code:IS/S09) Click to Order

Love - Light to bring the vibrations of love into your life.
(Code:IS/S18) Click to Order

Meditation - Light a candle and this incense to gently guide your meditation.
(Code:IS/S27) Click to Order

Mermaid's Mist - Let your mind drift into the realm of Neptune and the magic world of the mermaids.
(Code:IS/S61) Click to Order

Peace & Protection - Light to attract protective influences and bring peace to a troubled area.
(Code:IS/S38) Click to Order

Prosperity - Light to attract prosperity and riches into your life.
(Code:IS/S28) Click to Order

Purifying - Light to purify an area and bring good vibrations.
(Code:IS/S37) Click to Order

Soul Mates -  Light to draw your ideal partner towards you.
(Code:IS/S24) Click to Order

Shaman's Sage - The sacred fragrance of the American Indian culture.
(Code:IS/S17) Click to Order

Shaman's Vision - Light to purify the mind and enhance meditation and creative visualization.
(Code:IS/S46) Click to Order

Spiritual Development - Creates an atmosphere for spiritual work, healing and meditation.
(Code:IS/S34) Click to Order

Success -  Light this incense for a successful outcome to what you desire.
(Code:IS/S35) Click to Order

Tranquility - An incense with a touch of sweetness and a hint of floral mystique to inspire inner peace and tranquility.
(Code:IS/S68) Click to Order

Un-Stress -  Helps to bring calmness and a restful state of mind.
(Code:IS/S43) Click to Order

Wishing - Light and relax as you visualize all your wishes & desires coming true.
(Code:IS/S60) Click to Order

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"Bundles of Magic"
Special Edition Incense Sticks
$9.95 per pack of 40

Unique and Attractive Gift Incense, Bundled with Ribbon - NO PACKAGING

Lovers Embrace Sticks - Bundle of 40 sticks, attractively bound and tied with bright coloured ribbon. Jumbo length sticks.
(Code:IS/SB72) Click to Order

Frankincense and Myrrh Sticks - A blend of ancient fragrances. In the true spirit of celebration, this incense bestows peace and spiritual harmony. Bundle of 40 sticks, attractively bound and tied with bright coloured ribbon. Jumbo length sticks.
(Code:IS/SB69) Click to Order

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Magical Fragrances
$4.95 per pack of 12

Jumbo Incense Sticks

Frankincense - One of the most sacred incenses, it is said to answer prayers and to gain favour with all good spirits.
(Code:IS/S39) Click to Order

Also see Frankincense GUM

Lavender - Creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. When burned daily, those who live together will do so with tranquillity, serenity and mutual respect.
(Code:IS/S06) Click to Order

Patchouli - Light to promote lust and attract a special person towards you.
(Code:IS/S70) Click to Order

Also see Patchouli HERB

Sandalwood - Use for protection, healing, purification and meditation. For healing, burn in the sickroom along with a prayer for recovery.
(Code:IS/S21) Click to Order

Also see Sandalwood CHIPSand POWDER

Vanilla - Light to create a seductive atmosphere, inspire physical energy, vitality and power.
(Code:IS/S67) Click to Order

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Here at The Realm Of White Magic, new incenses are being created to meet your requirements.
We welcome any suggestions or requests you may have.

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