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[ DVD : Wish on a Spell ]

Includes stunning footage of our unique magickal tools,
from The Realm of White Magic
The Ancient Art of Witchcraft has come of age in this fresh, new and compelling 'magickal cinema' Format.

The premiere episode of 'WitchCrafter' was released on DVD in August 2004 and stars internationally renowned magickal author Deborah Gray.

This innovative and totally spellbinding DVD, brings the mystical ways of the 'Old Craft' back where they belong: for all to embrace, enjoy and be inspired by, even in today's 'practical' age of science, computers and cutting-edge technology. This DVD is available in NTSC or PAL format.

Our bewitching host, accomplished actress and internationally renowned enchantress, Deborah Gray, reveals both mystical secrets and a fascinating, step by step guide into the ways of ancient spellcasting and witchery in the old and new age world.

    WitchCrafter DVD Episode 1 : 'Wish on a Spell'

Features superbly filmed 'how to' formulas and magical spells for love and passion, luck, wealth and house hunting, plus a compelling guide into the mysterious ingredients of legendary power: woven together with an out on location 'bird's eye view' history of witchcraft and magic throughout both early Europe and Egypt.
DVD Running Time - 70 minutes. Click for DVD Back Cover

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Wicca TV Broadcast
Samples from WitchCrafter - Wish On A Spell DVD

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PlayList: Wicca TV
The world's first on-line Wicca Television show. Real Witch interviews and Magic spell 101 broadcasting on-line around the world.
Hosted by world renowned enchantress and internationally best-selling wicca author, Deborah Gray.

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Please Note: WitchCrafter DVD is available in NTSC or PAL Format.
*PAL format suitable for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Europe. Click for list of PAL Countries.
*NTSC format suitable for DVD players in the United States and Japan. Click for list of NTSC Countries.

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