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CUSTOM WORK - Design your own Book Of Shadows or choose from one our designs. The information below is a summary of custom book options. See our Custom Gallery for more inspiration.

Prices do not include postage. All Books of Shadows are individually made. Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery.

DESIGN CHOICES - we are happy to quote cost according to your requirements.
Velvet Colours red, black, green, purple, azure blue
Buckskin Colours brown, black, green, beige
Closures Single Natural Willow wood, Crystal tipped willow peg or Feathers can also be applied to willow peg closure. A symbol can be engraved on willow peg. We can add your own crystal to the willow peg if the size is suitable.
Misc botanics, crystals and other items embedded, such as juniper berries, whole cloves & coffin nails. We can embed your own crystals or other items into the book cover.
Themes Magickal, Egyptian, Wiccan, Gothic, Celtic, Solar, Lunar, Male, Female, 3D raised face, Goddess, Greenman, Native American, Magickal Creatures and Animals, Atlantean and Male themes.
Sigils Runic, Runes, Theban, Elvish, Selenus or Templar scripts.
Graphic Designs etched, patchwork, three dimensional, painted designs, pictures or gold embossing.
Matching Athame Athame designed to match your Book Of Shadows also available.
Matching Wand Willow wood Wand handle designed to match your Book Of Shadows also available.

Any Theme can be made as either A4, A5 or A3 size.

Size Book A5 A4 A3
Dimensions 22cm x 16cm

31cm x 22cm

14inch x 11inch
No. of Pages 100 pages 100 pages 100 pages


Examples of Closures

All Books of Shadows are individually custom made -
please allow a minimum of 3-4 weeks for delivery.