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Candle Magic

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Candle magic is one of the simplest and most effective forms of spells that you can do. Any shape of candle can be used, but the colour that you choose is the important part of the magic. The following are some of the magical properties of each of the colours.

Candle Colours

White - psychic development
Red - vitality, health, lust
Blue - healing, peace
Green - fertility, prosperity
Yellow - intellectual development
Pink - love, friendship, happiness
Purple - spiritual development
Orange - optimism, success


A Basic Candle Spell

You will need a candle of appropriate colour, matches, an ashtray, a pen and a piece of paper. Prepare yourself for the spell, then think about what you really want and write this on a piece of paper. Light the candle and visualise yourself with the desired item. Concentrate on the candle flame (for at least ten minutes) knowing that the desired outcome is being drawn to you. Then take the piece of paper with your wish on it and burn it in the flame with the knowledge that your desire is being manifest.

To enhance this spell, you could also recite the following incantation...

Candle shining in the night,
with your flame enchanted,
by the powers of magic might,
may my wish be granted.

When the candle sheds its gleam,
at the mystic hour,
let fulfilment of my dream
gather secret power.

Flame of magic brightly burn,
spirit of the fire.
Let the wheel of fortune turn,
grant me my desire.

One, two, three - so it shall be!


A Candle Spell for Health

You will need 1 white candle to represent yourself, and 3 red candles. On a waxing moon light the white candle and say,

"This candle is lit for me to see
the health and strength that comes to me!"

Light the red candles while saying,

"Here is health and strength by three
and this is drawn to my body.
Health and strength now comes to me,
as I do wish, so it shall be!"

Move the candles a little closer to the white candle and visualise how you will look, how you will feel, and what you will do when you have regained your health and vitality. Extinguish the candles after approximately ten minutes and repeat this process each day for seven days. The red candles should be resting against the white candle on the seventh day.

A Candle Spell for Prosperity

To gain a temporary increase in finances, use the following spell during a waxing moon. You will need a white candle to represent yourself, a green candle to represent your desire for financial gain, and a pile of gold coins between the candles for the focus of the magic.

Light the white candle and say, "This candle represents me, and my desire burns like this flame." Take a few moments to relax, then light the green candle and say, "This candle represents the money that I desire." Think of what you will be doing with the money when you have it. Feel what it will be like when you have it in your hands. Now move the candles a little closer to the money and repeat the chant,

"Money flow, money shine,
money grow, money's mine!"

Burn the candles for approximately five minutes while imagining how it will feel to have plenty of money, then as you extinguish the candles say,

"The money I need now comes to me,
for the good of all, so it shall be!"

Repeat this for seven consecutive nights until the candles rest against each other and the money. On the seventh night let the candles burn themselves out (safely) and if the spell has been for the good of all, then results will come within the month.

A Candle Spell to Attract Love

To attract love you must first radiate love from your soul, and to be able to radiate love from your inner being, you must first have love for yourself as a person. The following magic will help you to enhance the love within you. For this spell you will need a pink candle. Charge this candle with your intentions by holding it while you say, "This candle helps me to attract love." Have a rose quartz crystal nearby if you want extra power, and carry it with you after the ritual. During a waxing moon, prepare yourself for the spell and light the candle. Feel the candle flame radiating love energy into the room, then say,

"I feel love around me and within me

I radiate love. Love flows from me.
Love comes to me. I love, and I am loved."

Watch the flame on the candle while you fill yourself with loving thoughts. Radiate love out to all around you. When you are ready to finish the spell, say the words,

"I send my love into the world,
and I know that it will return to me.
With love I now release this spell,
for the good of all, so it shall be!"

Now extinguish the candles. Repeat this for seven consecutive nights. On the seventh night let the candles burn themselves out (safely) and if the spell has been for the good of all, then results will come within the month.


A Candle Spell to Attract a Particular Person

This candle spell will help you to attract a particular person as a lover, but remember that you should only do this if they have already indicated an interest in you, and if you honestly feel that the result will be for the good of all. For the sake of clarity and brevity, the spell has been written from the viewpoint of a female seeking a particular male, but feel free to change the spell to suit your own situation.

You will need a silver candle (to represent you), a gold candle (to represent the man), and a red candle (to represent the love that you will share). Place them in a line on a table, with the red candle at the centre. As you light the silver candle say,

"Here am I, one who loves and who desires to be loved."

As you light the gold candle, say,

"Here is ________ , whom I love with all my heart,
and whom I desire with all my body."

As you light the red candle, say,

"As the flame of this candle grows,
so too will our love grow.
And like the burning flame that I see,
_________'s desire now burns for me."

Move the silver and gold candles closer to the red candle and say,

"_________'s love is now drawn to me.
For the good of all, so it shall be!"

Let the candles burn for approximately ten minutes while thinking of how it will feel being held in his arms. Extinguish the candles and repeat this spell for seven consecutive nights until the candles rest against each other. On the seventh night let the candles burn themselves out (safely) and if the spell has been for the good of all, then results will come within the month.


To Bring Harmony into a Relationship

On a Friday, carve your partner's initials into a large pink candle. Light the candle and say, "The spell is cast, our love will last." Repeat this phrase for a while, then finish this chant with the words, "For the good of all, so it shall be!"

Visualise romantic and harmonious moments with this person, then extinguish the candle. This spell is particularly effective during waxing moons. You must do this for seven nights straight, then whenever convenient on Friday evenings.

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