Deborah Gray

photo of Deborah Gray, Australia's Good Witch
Deborah Gray

Deborah Gray is recognised worldwide as a leader in her field of expertise: Magick and Metaphysics. Now in her third level of Druidic Mastery, she began her journey into alchemy and magic as a teenager studying in the rare and respected apprenticeship method in one of the world’s oldest and revered Ancient Mystery School's and has continued her study into metaphysics for over 20 years.

Deborah is Australia's No. 1 selling and most prolific witchy author around the world. She has written 6 internationally best selling books and her magical words have been translated into ten languages as she continually excites and inspires the imaginations of people around the planet, including Australia, the United States, the United Kngdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, China, Brazil, Holland, Korea, South Africa, Portugal and Czechislovakia.

From her very first book releases in 1996 and 1997 her sassy writing style and user friendly slant to the ancient magical arts were a world-first as were her 'Cast a Spell' columns, the first of their kind published in the more conservative 'family magazine' genre (New Idea) and caused a sensation with their runaway success and breakthrough cutting edge approach, opening the minds and hearts of the general public to accepting and wanting to learn more about this fascinating old Craft of the Wise.

Deborah is also an award-winning songwriter and metaphysical lecturer who's internationally recognised expertise, graceful features (she modelled in her teens) and ability to enthrall and entertain her audience is sought after on the international radio circuit, seminars and the most popular television talk shows such as the Today, Good Morning Australia, Kerri-Anne Kennerly, The Breakfast Show, Channel 10 news, Beauty and the Beast. Recovery, Fox 8, Buffy (Bites Back) etc. Deborah also appears regularly and writes articles for many of the world's top family, medical and specialist magazines, such as Woman's Day, Cosmopolitan, Dolly, New Idea, Good Medicine, New Woman, Your Destiny and Cleo.

Her latest book, "Spells For All Seasons" is another breakthrough tome of magic, packed full of extremely rare incantations and potent charms, lusciously photographed and illustrated.

photo of Deborah Gray's NEW book - Spells For All Seasons "Magickal BOOKS
by Deborah Gray"

photo of Deborah Gray from her book - How To Be A Real Witch

Deborah is passionately recreating the original perfumes and enchanted potions of ancient times. See Deborah Gray's own "Goddess of Love Potion"

Deborah Gray says....
"One of my greatest joys is to read the letters and e–mails I receive from thousands of my readers throughout the world.  To hear that I was able to help inspire them to believe in themselves and their inner magick is such a gift, and in turn inspires me to bigger and greater dreams and goals.  To know that I am achieving my Purpose – which is to be one of the messengers – to share with the rest of the world the wonderful knowledge and wisdom contained in these ancient spiritual arts – is really Magick!"

photo of Deborah Gray, as seen in 'How To Be A Real Witch' Book photo of Deborah Gray, as seen in 'How To Be A Real Witch' Book photo of Deborah Gray, as seen in 'How To Be A Real Witch' Book

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