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A Journey Through The Elements
Reviews of Video

  • I have viewed this video and would like to review it.

  • Review By Cinnamon - Australia
    S'pretty good. Informative, direct, interesting, highlights varying viewpoints and interesting historical sociological phenomena (IMHO).

    Review By Julie & Andrew Daws - Australia
    Overall I thought the video had some interesting information to offer to those who are new to the Craft. Some of the descriptions of the tools and the elements were quite good, and the step by step progression of the potential neophyte in her training up to a "dedication ritual" was reasonable. (Even if she did look like Fairuza Balk when she was in "The Craft" which was a little distracting!)
    However you have to be prepared to cope with the Janet Farrer show. By this I mean that Janet seems to have taken it upon herself to present her own interpretation of events within the history of Wicca and of witchcraft, and her own interpretation on various elements of it (which are not always the interpretations generally given to them by others). Which I guess is quite in keeping with many of her predecessors who enjoyed the media spotlight!
    I also noticed that she has changed certain key elements of Wicca to suit herself. For example she no longer uses the scourge, and she no longer works skyclad ("I'm too old to wander around buck naked with a pack of complete strangers" - and this is the same person who happily posed naked for so many publications in her younger days!) And the wand used by Gavin Bone (who has a *really* annoying manner and voice!) looked like the sort that you insert batteries into to make the enormous crystal on the end flash different colours. ;) ("I see that you have made your own lightsabre Luke. Your skills are now complete" - Darth Vader.) ;)
    But if whitewashed witchcraft is your style (and for many people it is), then you'll probably really enjoy it. Even if that isn't what you are into, it's nevertheless interesting to see the direction one branch of the Craft has chosen to go.

    Review By jez - Australia
    It was a very mystical and wonderful journey through the times of love and evil. I found myself lost in the conspiracy of the reality of magic, making me float with wonder and sort of fulfilment.

    Review By DreamRaven - Australia
    I have just watched the first video and im ever so thankfull for it. Though it did not have alot of information that i didn't know ( as i have also studies alot on the history of the craft) it was still an insightfull and rewarding video to watch. I've found it esspecially hard to gain much information out here in adelaide with very few book and no other known sources so im gratefull for access to their witches bible and video.
    IM just about to order the next one. Blessed be. :)

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