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A Journey Through The Elements
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  • I have viewed this video and would like to review it.

  • Review By Laren - Australia
    The video begins with sweeping vistas of the Irish countryside, with haunting Celtic background music. Perhaps a little cliché but hard to not use such beautiful surroundings. We are introduced to Corina, an artist who wishes to learn more of the Craft and work towards initiation into the Coven of the Farrars and Gavin Bone. For those not familiar with the names, they are the authors of such works as Eight Sabbats for Witches, The Witches’ Way, The Witches’ Bible and many other highly regarded books on modern Wicca. There is some third person narration but Janet Farrar does most of the talking, with help from Gavin Bone, Stewart Farrar and several members of their Coven.
    The video basically follows Corina’s journey as she participates in lessons about the history of the Craft and is introduced to the background, symbolism and use of the major tools of Witchcraft (a handy part of the video for those unsure of pronunciations!). She is also given a series of practical lessons and demonstrations on other aspects of the Craft such as healing methods, the meaning and symbolism of the Elements, meditation, divination and scrying.
    Throughout the video many important aspects of belief are covered, such as the nature of the God and Goddess and our relationship with them; the need to understand the purpose and objectives of a ritual rather than just memorising what needs to be said and done; and the importance of learning being an ongoing process. It is emphasised that learning took place on a variety of levels, emotional, physical and intellectual.
    The video covers many of the hot topics of the Craft and makes a point of dealing with a variety of the most common misconceptions: (Satanism, tools, cosmology, treatment of animals ie no animal sacrifice, reincarnation, curses/hexes, orgies, drugs, nudity, types of Witches, the law of threefold return, philosophy of witchcraft and its history a belief system with ancient roots but practice/beliefs are modern constructs. Witchcraft is a religion of everyday life, it doesn’t see the sacred and profane as being separate but one). As such, the video makes a potentially powerful educational tool.
    The final scenes of the video show various aspects of Corina’s initiation, very interesting for solitaries. The film concludes with Janet Farrar reciting to the Charge of the Goddess.
    There were some technical issues that detracted from the overall presentation of the video. In a couple of places the dialogue was a little difficult to hear and some scenes appeared to be a bit out of focus. However, the film is still of professional enough standard for broadcast.
    Overall, this first video in the three part series provides an excellent introduction to Witchcraft. All the major topics are covered in a down to earth and practical manner. The video would also provide an excellent education tool for the wider community in that it deals with the many misconceptions that exists about Witchcraft. I look forward to view the next two films in the series: Discovering Witchcraft: The Mysteries and Discovering Witchcraft: The Wheel of the Year.

    Review By SunsetSeashell - Australia
    Thank You!
    Even though I don't class myself as a Wiccan Witch, I do use various Wiccan principles of belief in my path/tradition. I thoroughly enjoyed the video - A Journey Through The Elements - no joke!
    I agreed with the majority of it. It was put in "common" terms and in my opinion, an outsider would be able to understand it. I liked how it gave the viewer the basics - not instructions.
    It was very enjoyable. You would be able to sit down with a cuppa and watch it. It is very open and gave me food for thought. Though no books were really recommended - they were hinted at - which is good. The Farrar's were a good choice, not a perfect but a good choice.
    I think experienced Witches would this video and it has great gift potential as well.
    As for price - $39.95 is not bad, as I pay $50 or more for a 'Hollywood' video locally.
    I am looking forward to seeing the next video in the series - The Mysteries.
    Informative, enjoyable, not preachy and not perfect but great nonetheless.
    Blessed Be

    Review By Michele - Australia
    I would just like to take time out to say how great the video by Janet and Stewart Farrar is. Well done to great Witches. I feel anyone new to the craft or old to the craft will enjoy, as I have done.
    A Journey Through The Elements is the best I have seen and explains the craft quite easy.
    Cant wait for the next one to come out.
    Blessed be

    Review By Bev - Australia
    I purchased the first video in the series when it was first relased. Although not a newcomer to the path, I found this an excellent source of information and very enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone, either already on the path, or just curious. I am looking forward to the release of the next two videos.

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    Front cover painting by Thorn

    A Journey Through The Elements
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