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$8.95 each
(Australian Dollars)

Australian Made

Faithfully reproduced from old authentic recipes. These powders contain a collection of the finest gums, herbs, flowers and oils, including Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Cinnamon.

Powders are used in many ways. They can be sprinkled on seals, objects, talismans, candles or people.
They are often kept in the home to attract certain influences and even added to spell ritual ingredients to enhance the effects.

Carefully ground by hand into a fine powder and packaged in a re-cycled paper sachet envelope.
Complete with suggested INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE on the back, each sachet contains approximately 6-8 gms of special powder.

  • Wishing Powder (Code:MP/W) Click to Order
    Follow the special instructions to make your wish come true.
    Click here to discover Wishing BEANS and Wishing INCENSE STICKS.

  • Attraction Powder (Code:MP/A) Click to Order
    A general attraction powder used to attract luck, money, love and good spirits. Rub on your hands and body to gain friends, attract business and to excite the passions of a lover. Rub on conjure bags or charms and for a lucky day, sprinkle in your shoes. Add to bath water to sustain a continuous personal magnetism.
    Click here to discover Attraction OIL.

  • Love Attraction Powder (Code:MP/L) Click to Order
    For those who want to attract love into their life. Sprinkle around the room to draw the vibrations of love into the atmosphere. Sprinkle on red candles in rituals for love.
    Click here to discover Love HERBS, Love INCENSE, Love OILS

  • Money Drawing Powder (Code:MP/M) Click to Order
    To draw money and wealth into your life. Carry on your person and rub on cheque books, lottery tickets and poker machines. In money drawing rituals, sprinkle on green candles anointed with Money Oil.
    Click here to discover Money INCENSE STICKS

  • Happy Times Powder (Code:MP/H) Click to Order
    To draw happiness and lift depression. For a happier spirit and a better attitude, dab on your forehead. Sprinkle a little through out your home, work place or anywhere you wish to create a happy atmosphere.
    Click here to discover Happiness INCENSE STICKS

  • Prosperity Powder (Code:MP/P) Click to Order
    To attract prosperity and success into your life. Sprinkle around your home and in your shoes, for it is said that one who uses this powder daily, will never be destitute. Scatter across doorways of business premises, rub on business documents and carry with you when in search of a promotion or pay rise.

  • Peaceful Home Powder (Code:MP/PH) Click to Order
    To bring peace and tranquility to your home. Mellows even the most chaotic conditions. Sprinkle in every corner of the home and across the front door. In home blessing rituals, sprinkle over blue and white candles anointed with Peace and Protection Oil.
    Also see Protect The Home SPELL KIT.

  • Jinx Removing Powder (Code:MP/J) Click to Order
    To remove jinxes, hexes and repel negative influences, sprinkle around the home. This famed formula is to be powerful for reversing negativity. Sprinkle on a black candle, anointed with Jinx Removing Oil and recite incantation included on pack. Be sure to burn Dragons Blood Incense to empower the ritual. Also rub on hands and temples to avoid re-occurrence of a jinx or hex.
    Also see Psychic Protection SPELL KIT


  • Lucky 7 Powder (Code:MP/L7) Click to Order
    Number Seven is a lucky magical number with great spiritual significance. Use to attract Luck and good fortune towards you. Always carry Lucky 7 Powder with you, sprinkle in your shoes, around the home or place of business. A potent lucky blend faithfully reproduced from an old authentic recipe. Call on Lady Luck or the 7 Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin) to draw luck, good fortune and a sense of well-being.
    Also see Attract Good Luck and Money SPELL KIT

    Are you looking for a special powder for a specific purpose? Please Email me with your requirements.  

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