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  • Review By SunsetSeashell - Gold Coast, Australia
    Unlike the first video, this one comes over as darker more mystical video. At the beginning of the video, you are greeted with haunting music. This sets the mood for what will be revealed to you in the video.
    This video primarily features Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. If you hadn't watched the first video, you wouldn't know Corina is the initiate learning about the myserties from what you see of her. She's portrayed as a member of the coven and not the seeker that she was in the first video. Stewart Farrar features very briefly in the video. Yet, in my honest opinion, that's how it should be as I feel like falling asleep waiting for him to finish talking! :-)
    Janet and Gavin do a marvellous job of keeping your attention with what they're about to tell you. It starts off with the mysteries of birth, growth, love and death and continues through the other topics as per the video cover.
    What I liked about the information portrayed in the video is that Janet/Gavin gives a general or historical explanation followed by examples of how their own coven works and what their coven's beliefs are, etc. They don't force their or their coven's beliefs onto you, they just gives you ' food for thought ' as such.
    I'm not a neophyte to Witchcraft or Paganism yet I still got something out of the video. Hence I would recommend this to neophytes and veterans alike.

    Front cover painting by Thorn

    The Mysteries
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