Air Elemental Plaque

The Bird Goddess
Spirit of Air ; bringer of Dawn
"one's for sorrow, two's for joy..."

by Wynter Rose and Oberon Zell.

A special selection of hand painted Plaques to adorn any home or Altar.

The Bird Goddess

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$80 AUD

  • Diameter: 15 cm / 6 inches
  • Weight: 500gms


The ancient Bird Goddess appears first in Paleolithic totemic carvings. Her worship achieved equivalent importance to the Great Earth Mother.
Bird Goddess - Keeper of the powers of Air, possesses multiple aspects: the Maiden whose singing brings the dawn, the Mother of Winds, and the dark-winged Crone who guides spirits of the newly dead into the heavenly afterlife.

Bird Goddess Plaque - AIR - featuring rich and colourful detail.
Air Element - The Bird Goddess

She covers Her children with the soft feathers of Her nurturing breast, and feeds their bodies with Her sacred Eostre eggs. Her keen eye sees through all deceptions into the Future.
Her sharp talons and beak, tear away the gross material forms, allowing the imagination to soar free.
She appeared linked to the worship of many important Goddesses in the form of their sacred bird companion and alter-ego, e.g. Aphrodite's dove, Athena's owl, Sara-wati's peacock. Her gift to the magickal arts was a form of divination called Ornithomancy.


Bird Goddess - Air - $80

Bird Goddess Plaque - AIR - featuring rich and colourful detail.

The Bird Goddess is made of Polyresin, beautifully hand painted in yellow and gold tones.

Part of a series of plaques, honouring the Five Elemental Powers.

Oberon Zell is an acclaimed Pagan artist, Priest of the Mother Goddess, and founder of the Church of All Worlds and Green Egg magazine.
Wynter Rose is an apprentice artisan to Oberon Zell. Talented artists creating museum replicas and original sculptures of Gods and Goddesses.

This plaque can be placed on your altar or it is ready to hang on the wall. A small plate stand is a great idea for displaying your plaque.

Each plaque has a small hole on either side, perfect for adding your own decorative touch.

Click for decorative example - "Spirit Shield Plaques"

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