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How to Cast a Magic Spell

Before you begin any spell, make sure you take time to meditate on positive thoughts and loving energy, check your ego and pride at the door by saying three times,

Awaken the Magick!

To help you awaken your inner magick you can cast this easy spell.

Start by gathering together the following items:

  • an empty notebook (you will call this your Magickal Diary)
  • and a blue pen

Then, on the day or evening of the moon (Monday) take a bath or shower first to help cleanse and purify your aura and after you get dressed in some clean comfortable clothes, find a quiet place in your home where you can be undisturbed for at least half an hour and place the notebook and pen onto a table or a flat surface and sit down nearby.

Close your eyes for a few moments while you take deep relaxing breaths and imagine that you feel and see a white light surrounding you and filling you with a feeling of peace and happiness.

Next, open your eyes and then open the first page of the notebook and with your pen draw the shape of a square or rectangle on the page and look into the square while you imagine that this is a doorway and it is opening up and you are stepping through the door.

The door to the magic within you is always open, if you are open to yourself and the magic of the world around you...

Let yourself relax and feel happy and uplifted as you imagine that your mind is stepping through that doorway into a sunny garden that is full of your favorite plants and flowers, (you may even see some fairies and unicorns there too) and let yourself stay in that enchanted place and have fun imagining for a while as you say these words,

    "To the left and right of me, Above and below me, I awaken the spirit of nature and magick within me."

When you feel you are ready, let your mind come back through the door and close the notebook and say

    "I am a wonderful child of the Universe, and so will it be."

When you finished your spell, you can write the words, My Magickal Diary, or whatever words you like on the front cover and keep this book as your enchanted workbook for spells and wishes.




"I now let go of all intolerence, self pity and vanity, and I cast my spell in the name of Good.
O Blessed be."

Touch the flower for a secret surprise!

Touch the rose to awaken the secret fairy magic

animated flying butterfly

Blowing in the

Lovely breezes and windy days can be used to connect with the magical element of Air and this magick charm is one that anyone can easily do for themselves and their friends. On a breezy day, find a piece of blue material or ribbon and tie one end to a fence, a tree branch or a clothesline.  Then, as you watch the ribbon fly and wave in the wind, repeat these words out loud,

    "Blow laughing winds from North and South, from fairy lands and East to West, I'll be happy as I say send me magic every day,"

You can leave the ribbon there for as long as you like and add any others to it for a magickal message to family and friends.



Touch the flower for a secret fairy magic surprise!

Touch the flower to awaken the secret fairy magic

Sweet Dreams

To help you sleep peacefully and have pleasant dreams, create a tranquil and calming environment for your bedroom. The windows should have either curtains or walls that are light coloured or pastel tones and make sure the bed head is well away from the door.  Cleanse the atmosphere of your room by holding a sprig of lavender and walking through the room with a peaceful mind and heart.  At bedtime turn off everything in the room that could be distracting or disturbing, like television and loud music or radios.  Put a lavender sachet under your pillow and before go to sleep say to yourself,

    "Feather light on starry night, cosy warm and tired, pleasant dreams and sweetest thoughts as little angels smile."



Our Fairy mascot wishes you happiness;  what do *you* wish??

Kids live in quite a different world than most adults.  They absorb life like a sponge, their active minds still fresh and full of wonder at the Universe around them.  This is the time in their lives when they really should be encouraged to believe in their dreams and their own creative abilities.  But nowadays with the rise of technology, computer games and too much television, children and teens can start to lose valuable play-time in which to practice their natural fantasies and intuition.  With these simple magic games you will not only bring out your imagination and self-expression but you can also re-discover your own wonderful enchanted world.

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the magic is in *your* touch, you only have to look for it... the magic is in *your* touch, you only have to look for it...
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