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How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend Into a Toad

My first spellbook, How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend Into a Toad, was published in 1996 and has become an international best seller and is also translated into 4 different languages, German, French, Japanese and Chinese.  I wanted to write a magickal book which would bring Witchcraft out of the broomcloset, and with a touch of humour and fun, show the spiritual side of spellcasting.  I co-wrote that with Athena Starwoman, who is a very famous astrologer and psychic. She and I studied together in the Druid's Circle in the early 1980's and we've been close friends for a long time.  (and don't worry you don't really turn anyone into a toad), the toad spell is really about letting go of past worries and old issues - there's also lots of very positive and inspiring spells here for love, success and finding your own inner magick!

front cover of How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad by Deborah Gray

Magic is everywhere, even in the shapes you see in the clouds...

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was released for Halloween 1999 and has already been published in Australia and America and will soon be released in the UK. Imagine my surprise and delight when I received a call from Columbia Television last October, to tell me that my book was chosen to appear in the brand new 2000 season of DAWSON'S CREEK!  I can't tell you too much yet but it will be part of a very cool witchy episode of the show that's coming up this year.  So thanks to all my readers and fans who have made this already a best seller and great success, may all your wishes and dreams come true!

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the magic is in *your* touch, you only have to look for it... the magic is in *your* touch, you only have to look for it...

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is my latest book of spells and I have filled this with all my favorite love spells, magic charms and romantic potions.  I've also matched up your star sign with your own Guardian Goddess who helps you awaken your inner magick and love power.

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