Auromasensual Fragrant Incense Sticks  
$5.10 per pack of 12

Australian Made

A new concept in modern therapeutic techniques.
Aromatherapy remedies with the convenience of long lasting fragrant incense sticks.

An ideal way for you to receive the beneficial nature of Aromatherapy in an instant, just by lighting a convenient fragrant incense stick. Now you can have a therapeutic remedy the moment you want it. No waiting or oil blending, simply receive the benefits at the light of a match.

No need to buy various bottles of expensive oil, Auromasensual Sticks are hand painted with a special blend of oils according to the therapeutic qualities for each purpose.

Burn Auromasensual Sticks in conjunction with visualisation and daily affirmations to achieve your goals and desires. Two different fragrances can be burned at the one time for a dual purpose.

Seven different fragrances to enhance your life.
Each pack contains twelve extra large, long burning sticks.(approx 37cm)

Available in a set of 7 or individual packs.

$35 per Set of 7 Packs (1 of each fragrance)  Code:(IS/ASP) Click to Order

RELEASING - (Code: IS/A1) Click to Order
To clear emotional blockages, call upon your inner strength and allow yourself to trust, safe in the knowledge that in letting go comes true release.

INNER CHILD - (Code: IS/A2) Click to Order
Nurture yourself in love and security from the wellspring of your childlike qualities. Rediscover the innermost comfort and serenity you enjoyed during the innocence of your childhood.

BALANCE - (Code: IS/A3) Click to Order
Bring balance and harmony into your life. Banish self doubts, re-establish your own equilibrium and bring all the areas of your life into alignment.

ROMANCE - (Code: IS/A4) Click to Order
A special blend made to create a sensual atmosphere to enhance the expression of romantic emotions.

FOCUS - (Code: IS/A5) Click to Order
Achieve your goals and ambitions. This blend is designed to help you develop the ability to focus on your highest aspirations and pursue them with dedication and purpose.

COURAGE & CONFIDENCE - (Code: IS/A6) Click to Order
Relinquish hidden fears and phobias and renew your life with a new found sense of courage, confidence and strength of mind.

SELF AWARENESS - (Code: IS/A7) Click to Order
Reflect inwards, learn who you are. Learn to love and understand yourself and cast away the negative aspects of your being, and discover true self awareness.

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