Book of Shadows:   Magickal Triquetra with Crystals


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Description: Brown buckskin with purple velvet inlay. Features a Celtic Triquetra with a central Amethyst stone. Willow peg closure set Quartz Crystal point. Magickal symbols surround the border of this book. (Image shows A4 book)

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Item Name: Book of Shadows - Magickal Triquetra with Crystals
Colour Velvet: Purple | Black | Red | Green | Blue
Colour Buckskin: Brown | Black | Green | Beige
Script: Runic Script | Theban Script | Elvish Script
Crystals: Amethyst | Hematite | Garnet | Rose Quartz | Tiger Eye | Lapis Lazuli | Citrine | Turquoise
No. of Pages: 100  - all sizes
  Dimensions Price AUD Product code
A5 22cm x 16cm $105.00 BOSMTCA5
A4 31cm x 22cm $185.00 BOSMTCA4
A3 14in x 11in $255.00 BOSMTCA3

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