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Apprenticed To Magic
W.E. Butler
A noted exponent of the Western Magical Tradition reveals esoteric exercises. You will discover TWO forms of astral projection, the art of Projecting Thought Images, how to make and use a Magic Mirror plus magical rites and ceremonies. 105 pages. Paperback.

A Book of Troth (Llewellyn's Teutonic Magick Series)
Edred Thorsson
No Description Available.

A Witch's Book Of Divination
Callia Underhill
Nine new ways to see the future. Awaken the latent clairvoyant powers within yourself through the magical art of divination. Omens, working with trances and seeing the unseen were once secrets known only to the initiated few. Now you can explore the powers of the subconscious mind for yourself. Nine powerful techniques of divination are revealed here - most for the first time ever. Discover a Witch's geomancy, make a set of Talking Stones, bring understanding with the Druid's Wand, explore the mysteries of the Dance of the Lame God, the Sword Trance and much more. 270 pages. Paperback.

The Truth about Herb Magic
Scott Cunningham
You will learn how to use common plants to effect powerful change for protection, psychic awareness, love and prosperity. Discover what herb magic is and how it really works, Includes techniques and guidelines, do's and don'ts plus eleven different herbal methods ranging from bath salts to talismans. 46 pages. Paperback.

Encyclopedia of Magic and Witchcraft
Susan Greenwood
The "Eycyclopedia of Magic and Witchcraft" is an excellent illustrated introductory history of magic, witchcraft, and the occult. It is intended for those who presumably have little background in these subjects, but is just as enjoyable for anyone already aquainted with magic and the occult. It traces the history of magic and spiritual beliefs from prehistory to modern times, highlighting a number of important topics along the way.
The book begins with an introduction to shamanism and other early magical beliefs from which all others would evolve over thousands of years. It highlights magic in the anicent and classical worlds, particularly Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Celtic, and Northern European beliefs. It investigates the role of magic and witchraft in the rise of ancient and modern religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddism, Hinduism, and Shintoism, as well as the role of witch doctors and magic healers throughout history, well into modern times. It also addresses the influence of magic on science and how magic, science, and religion are more closely related then many might think. It devotes an entire chapter to the history of the European witch hunts from 1450-1750 and the various impact magical beliefs played in accusations of witchery. It also devotes several sections to the idea of high magic and alchemy and its links with NeoPlatonist philosophy. The last few chapters of the book deal with modern magic and witchcraft history and beliefs, particularly Neo-Paganism and Wicca, but also address other issues as Satanism, Druidry, and modern shamanism. 256 Pages - Hard Cover

Out Of Print
Wish On A Spell
Deborah Gray
For Luck, Love and a Magical Year. Magic is real and wishes can come true! Wish On A Spell introduces you to the best of the rituals and holidays that witches have been celebrating for centuries, as well as the best times of year to cast your favourite spells. Deborah gives you fun and easy to do spells that will leven up your love life, help you get that job you've been hoping for and give you success in what ever you choose to do. This delightful gift sized book has chapters on 'Goddess Charms', 'Passion Power', 'Winning Ways' and an 'Enchanted Year Calendar'. 160 pages, Paperback.
Out Of Print
Magick Of The Gods and Goddesses - How To Invoke Their Powers
D.J. Conway
Beginning with the ancient cultures of the Incas, Aztecs, Celts, and Norse, best-selling author D.J. Conway leads a magical mystery tour around the world. The book explores such spiritual paths as ceremonial magick, shamanism, witchcraft, and the Qabala and explains their underlying principles. In all, this wonderful exploration details the practices of over 20 civilizations including the Greek, Egyptian and Mayan. The author shows readers how to develop their own rituals and worship practices in order to call forth the powers of the gods and goddesses. 300 illustrations and 25 maps are included. A 'must have' book for all pagans! 437 pages, Paper Back
Out Of Print
Enochian Magic For Beginners - The Original System Of Angel Magic
Donald Tyson
The most remarkable artifact in the entire history of spirit communication is the legacy of the Enochian angels, who presented themselves to the famed Elizabethan mathematician Dr. John Dee through his seer, the infamous alchemist Edward Kelley, between the years 1582-1589. Enochian Magic is a method for summoning and commanding angelic beings and demons, although the angels gave Dee strict instructions never to use the magick for evoking evil spirits. Now, Enochian Magic for Beginners provides this system in its complete and original form.
Some magicians say it is the most powerful magical system ever. The Golden Dawn used it. Aleister Crowley used it. A growing number of magicians use it. And now, you can use it too thanks to Donald Tyson and his book, Enochian Magic for Beginners.
Revealed to John Dee and Edward Kelley over 400 years ago, much of this system has been ignored or misunderstood, even by famous magicians. Some of the source material has been fragmented, obscure, or unavailable. Thankfully, Mr. Tyson has worked long and hard to rediscover what was missing and piece together what had been changed.
Make no mistake—this is not a superficial treatment of Enochian magic. Yes, it is written for beginners, but it is also a vital and important resource for those who are currently practicing the Enochian system.
Most people today follow the Golden Dawn's method of Enochian magic. But did you know that they left out a major portion of the system? It's true! They did not include the Heptarchia Mystica, a manuscript discovered amongst John Dee's belongings. In Enochian Magic for Beginners, you will learn the secrets of the Heptarchia Mystica, including such things as the Angelic seven rulers, the preparations for practice of the system, and how to perform the ritual of the system.
But the Golden Dawn Enochian system is also quite powerful, and you will learn all of the inner secrets of this system so you can practice it on your own. Also included are two new designs for Enochian typefaces, Donald Tyson's reconstruction of the Enochian Book of Spirits, and much more. 416 pages, Paperback
Out Of Print
The Witches' God : Lord Of The Dance
Janet and Stewart Farrar, $39.95
Exploring the Masculine Principle of Divinity, this companion volume to The Witches' Goddess re-establishes the ancient balance between God and Goddess. Part I covers the many concepts of the God examined, including: His faces throughout history; the Son/Lover God; the Vegetation God; the War God; the Anti-God; and more. Part II gives a close look at 12 individual gods of history with an appropriate invoking ritual for each. Part III presents a comprehensive dictionary of over 1000 gods from many world cultures, past and present. The Farrars are among the best-known authors on the Craft, and in The Witches' God have written what is likely to become the standard work on the masculine god aspect. 278 pages, Paperback.
Out Of Print
Practical Color Magick
Raymond Buckland
Colour magick is the most effective, yet the most simple method of knowledge and practice in all the fields of psychic and spiritual development. Learn how to improve your magickal rituals by adding colours to them and instructions for several rituals based on colour. Explains how to use colour in meditation, healing, ESP, Tarot, Crystal Gazing and much more. 160 pages, Paperback.
Out Of Print
White Light - The Complete Guide To Spells and Rituals for Psychic Protection
Diane Ahlquist
Who are the 'energy Vampires' in your life? Now you can stop them from draining you, confusing you - even making you sick!
We all have energy vampires in our lives: people, places, or things that unintentionally or maliciously drain our energy. Sometimes the people who are closest to us present the biggest problems—family members, co-workers, neighbors, and friends. And while it isn't practical to simply avoid them, there is a way to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from every form of psychic harm, including attack from ghosts and hexes.

In White Light, you'll learn simple methods for:
• Using white light visualization to shield you from psychic assaults
• Dealing with dysfunctional relationships—and learning how to avoid them
• Lifting hexes, curses, and spells
• Protecting yourself from psychic attack by the departed
• Clearing toxic past life associations
• Rituals, talismans, and blessings for purification, including a smudging ceremony
• Prayers and affirmations from several traditions
• A glossary for quick reference

It is possible to shield yourself against the invisible dangers and negative energy that surround us. White Light gives you the daily psychic defense strategy you need—and can begin using now.

About the Author - Diane Ahlquist is a third-generation psychic as well as a writer and lecturer. An expert on all forms of divination, she has aided numerous investigations for lost treasure, stolen art, and missing people. She lives in Florida.
From the Author - As stated in my book "White Light...the complete guide to spells and rituals for psychic self defense...."White light universally is symbolic of spirituality, recognition of the truth, and manifestation. It is referred to in all cultures. We hear of "the eternal light," The Savior is "the light of the world," I am the light" "the forces of light and darkness." It is this same light that we must use to protect ourselves from psychic attack. It is white light that will repel, banish and protect us from negativity....Diane Ahlquist" 240 pages, Paperback
Out Of Print
Eight Sabbats for Witches
Janet and Stewart Farrar
For the first time, practicing Witches, Janet and Stewart Farrar, publish detailed and dramatic rituals for each of the eight Sabbats: the seasonal festivals of the waxing and waning year, of seed-time, harvest, and Hallowe'en of the Sun at his midsummer glory and his midwinter rebirth. These rituals demonstrate witchcraft's intimate link with the rhythms of nature. Using the cryptic hints of the Book of Shadows (the Witches' inherited handbook) as their starting-point, the authors amplify their presentation with a wealth of mythological and folk lore material, much of it personally gathered at the grassroots level. The resulting cycle of rituals will fascinate Witches and non-Witches alike. 192 pages, Hardback.
Out Of Print
The Magician's WorkBook - Practicing The Rituals of the Western Tradition
Donald Tyson
Magic is more than a matter of carrying out mere physical actions. The most important aspects involve the inner being. This book focuses on what is often missing from occult writings - the internal experience that is the living heart of ritual. Practicing magician Donald Tyson has compiled an illustrated work-book of 40 progressive exercises that you can do without prior training, special tools or costly materials. An ideal training manual for serious students of Western magic. These powerful exercises cause changes in your body, brain, perceptions, emotions and the will-changes necessary for your successful working of magic in any of its ancient or modern traditions. As you work through the exercises in this book you will learn how to; Project your will at a distance, Vibrate words of power, Awaken the energy centres of your body, Cleanse buildings and places of destructive atmospheres, charge objects with subtle energies and Call forth angels and elementals to serve your needs. These exercises do not merely teach - they transform. By discovering and directing the full power of your will, you gain the power to transform yourself and your world. 330 pages, Paperback.
Out Of Print
Drawing Down The Moon : Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers
Margot Adler
Popular demand for this clear-sighted compendium of information about the rebirth of Pagan religions hasn't waned since its initial publication in 1979. Distinguished by the journalism of National Public Radio columnist Margot Adler, Drawing Down the Moon explains this diverse and burgeoning religion's philosophies and activities while dispelling stereotypes that have long been associated with it. Most people don't realize that pagan simply refers to pre-Christian polytheistic nature religions, such as the various Native American creeds, Japanese Shinto, Celtic Druid, and Western European Wicca. Originally, the word pagan meant "country dweller" and was a derogatory term in Rome in the third century A.D., not unlike calling someone a hick today. If you find yourself feeling queasy when you hear the words witch or pagan, a healthy dose of re-education via Drawing Down the Moon could be the cure. Review by P. Randall Cohan. 584 pages, Paperback.
Out Of Print Out Of Print
The Psychic Circle Set - The Magical Message Board
Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
Open this box and embark upon a journey into yourself and beyond. Inside is all you will need to be thoroughly delighted the next time you and your "psychic circle" of friends get together for an evening of fun, surprises -- and magical messages! The Magical Message Board and companion book are always ready to be consulted for problem-solving, decision-making, creative inspiration, and wisdom.

Here's how it works:
* You may address the board alone, or with a partner
* Concentrate on your question, whether spoken aloud or not
* Touch your fingertips to The Psychic Circle's Magical Message Indicator and watch it move across the beautifully illustrated, full-color game board as if by magic
* The indicator will come to rest through the power of your mind and beyond

On the Board are twenty key words, eleven colors, and forty universal symbols, in addition to the letters of the alphabet and the numerals 0-9. The Psychic Circle may use any of them -- either individually or in combination -- to create detailed and insightful answers to your every question. You will be amazed and enlightened again and again.
You are the link necessary to complete The Psychic Circle. You can experience new dimensions of reality as you develop your intuition and decision-making ability. You can connect the incredible power of your dream state to your waking mind, your inner world to the outer world, and your past and future to your present awareness.
This divination system--a fold-out board, planchette, and complete instruction book--promises detailed responses to questions that cannot be answered by traditional "talking boards." A comprehensive explanation of the board's "message" is covered in the book.

Includes; 32 pages Companion book with complete instructions for use , 18"x18" richly symbolic, full-color Psychic Circle folding board, Specially designed and engraved Magical Message Indicator.

The Psychic Circle is the result of two decades of research by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, designers of The Instant Tarot Reader, The Enchanted Tarot, Karma Cards, The Alchemist and other personal inner guidance systems.

From the Author - Review; My wife, Amy Zerner, and I invented THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE (along with our late and much-missed mother, author/illustrator Jessie Spicer Zerner, because Magical Message Boards (R) had gotten such a bad reputation, yet they are one of the best ways to develop your intuition and contact your Higher Self and the higher realms of consciousness. I'm not kidding!
For thouasands of years, people from cultures and times as different as Pythagoris and the recently deceased, world famous poet Robert Merril have used their talking boards to tap into the realms of science and poetry and everything in between. Why do people get "frightening" messages? My answer is because they are frightened. Why do people drink, take drugs, over-eat and do other truly self-distructive things? There are things in their life that are frightening them to the point where they want to stop living.
A talking board like my Psychic Circle can actually help you confront your fears and, by so doing, transcend them. It takes patience, perserverance and a strong desire to make your life the best it can be. If you fool around or use The Psychic Circle like a toy, don't be surprised if you get stupid answers.
But we have received literally thousands of letters from people who use The Psychic Circle correctly and get great results. They write to thank us for the comprehensive book we include with the set, which also includes the full-color folding board and a specially designed Magical Message Indicator that you put your fingers on to get your messages.
Like a traditional talking board, The Psychic Circle has all the letters of the alphabet and the words "yes" and "no." That is where the similarity ends. We've also included colors, the signs of the zodiac, another two dozen words, symbols, pictures, the directions and lots more things that I want to be a surprise. Why did we put in the other stuff? Because it makes it easy for a first time user to get answers. Usually you have to practice and practice before the old-fashioned type of talking board spells out anything that is even close to a word. But with The Psychic Circle, all it has to do is land on a symbol and you can look up that symbol's meaning in the book for a whole paragraph of suggested things to help you interpret the message The Psychic Circle is bringing to you. It is fast, fun and easy to use.
Of course, once you get used to it, you can get increasingly complex and detailed information. It is really amazing the kind of things you will learn about yourself, your loved ones, the people that you find kind of hard to love, and the people that you want to love and to love you. You will also learn more about life, too. It's all in The Psychic Circle.
So remember, it isn't a toy, it is a tool. If you are committed to becoming a strong, intelligent, balanced person, a person who isn't afraid to be different and use all the tools at their disposal to succeed in business, love and money, then The Psychic Circle Magical Message Board is for you. Have fun!!!
Also see Clairvoyance Brew
Out Of Print
Modern Palmistry - A Unique Guide to Modern Hand Analysis
Sasha Fenton and Malcolm Wright
Palmistry is called Chiromancy. Palmistry is an ancient practice and is also known as Chiromancy. Hands have been of recorded interest to humanity as far back as 12,000-15,000 years ago. Through palmistry, you can read a person's character and personality and then apply what is revealed in a constructive manner. Based on the authors' experience working with hands, this fascinating instructional guide offers the most up-to-date approach to palmistry. Detailed illustrations and diagrams make it easy to learn hand analysis techniques. The basic features of the hand, and what they can indicate about a person, are fully explained. See what the shape of a hand can tell you, and look at fingers, phalanges, fingerprints, and nails. Find out what you can learn by studying the thumb and by "listening" to the language of gesture. Identify and study the major and minor lines on the palms, and learn what they mean alone and in confluence with others. Interesting case studies highlight specific information and demonstrate the power of palmistry. 160 pages, Paperback.
Out Of Print
Beginners Guide To Wicca and Magick
By Australian WitchCraft Magazine
Written by Australian Wiccans for the Southern Hemisphere..... The Beginner's Guide to Wicca and Magick has been designed to give southern hemisphere Wiccans a better understanding of what it means to be a Wiccan Witch in modern times. There is a concise historical reference on the Craft, with chapters on preparing your home and altar for performing magick, magickal accessories and their meanings (including a comprehensive list of magickal correspondences), and keeping a record of your Path in your Book of Shadows. We have also covered the significance of the Triple Goddess and the Law of the Threefold Return, and there are practical chapters on Wiccan dates to celebrate, coven culture, divination, and reading the Tarot. Our wonderful addition to your magickal library, the Beginners Guide to Wicca and Magick is a beautifully designed, hard cover, fully illustrated, full colour book containing all the information you need to get started in the Craft and for making magick! 96 Pages, Hardback.
Out Of Print
The Best Of WitchCraft Collections Vol One
Australian WitchCraft Magazine
Written by Australian Wiccans for the Southern Hemisphere..... To mark our 10th anniversary - yes, Witchcraft Magazine was first published back in June 1994 - we have compiled a collection of articles which featured in our first ten editions (most of which are no longer in print), and put them all together in The Best of Witchcraft, Collections - Volume One. This anthology, the first of a set of three, is for everyone - new and old readers, young and not-so-young, male and female alike. There's a feast of articles to satisfy all your pagan interests from the difference between "black" and "white" magick, to dispelling the myths, coping in the new millennium, the influence of Egyptian and Celtic mythology on the Craft, lots of Goddesses to get to know, plus such taboo subjects as voodooism, sex magick and hero worship. We also re-publish our original two-part article on palm reading, and there's a fabulous article for handfasting couples. And, we re-visit two very colourful 20th century Witches - Aleister Crowly and Rosaleen Norton. It will be a nostalgic walk down memory lane for some, but an entirely new experience for many of you. So, don't miss out on this beautifully designed, hard cover, fully illustrated, full colour book containing a wealth of information about the Craft. 96 pages, Hardcover.
Out Of Print
The Element Encyclopedia of the Psychic World: The Ultimate A-Z of Spirits, Mysteries and the Paranormal
Theresa Cheung
This is the definitive A-Z reference book on all things psychic, mysterious and paranormal - the marvels, secrets and mysteries of the visible and the invisible world. This wonderful guide covers everything you could want to know including ghosts, strange phenomena, people, places, events, and ideas. Featuring over 800 A-to-Z entries, this psychic Encyclopaedia is a fascinating compendium of worldwide paranormal activity. With explanations of strange phenomena from both folklore and modern scientific research, this book also contains factual information on and explanations of: mediums and spiritualists to near-death experience, ghosts, levitation, telepathy, astral travel, precognition, all forms of divination (tarot, runes, crystal balls, tea leaves, etc.), evidence for the afterlife, contacting spirit guides, haunted sites, famous historical figures, haunted places and documented experiments, and much more. It is a complete reference of paranormal myth and folklore - and the myths and legends surrounding ghosts and spirits in different cultures throughout the world, from famous ghost stories to various beliefs and superstitions that have taken root in different countries. Also a great 'coffee table book'. 864 Pages, HardCover.
Out Of Print
The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Complete A-Z for the Entire Magical World
Judika Illes
Following on from the hugely successful Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, comes the next bumper encyclopedia celebrating all facets of witchcraft. This definite book is the most comprehensive, authoritative and entertaining guide you'll ever find on the mythology, folklore and traditions of magic. In this mammoth magical treasure trove, Judika Illes explores the history, folklore, spirituality, and mythology of witchcraft. A feast of facts and curiosities, rooted in magical and spiritual traditions, from all over the world, there are recipes from the witch's cauldron, magical sacred dates, and methods of witches' flights. Discover how witchcraft has inspired popular culture from Shakespeare to Harry Potter, and how witches have suffered persecution and death in centuries past. Packed full of amazing facts, bizarre information and fascinating stories, you will also be introduced to mythic witches, modern witches, sacred goddess witches, even demon witches, male and female witches, and witches from all over the globe. Ideal for both the dedicated follower and casual reader, as a perfect gift for yourself or someone else to treasure, this definitive encyclopedia is essential reading for anyone interested in folklore, mythology and magic. Also a great 'coffee table book'. 896 Pages, HardCover.
OOut Of Print
The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams: The Ultimate A-Z To Interpret The Secrets Of Your Dreams
Theresa Cheung
Unlock the secrets of your dreamlife with the latest in the hugely popular series of 'Element Encyclopedias'. This is the most comprehensive A--Z reference book on dream interpretation you'll ever find. Have you ever wondered what your dreams are trying to tell you? Sixth in the series of 'Element Encyclopedias', this is the definitive guide to dream interpretation. Packed with fascinating information, The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams is an extensive collection of the symbols that appear in your dreams and how to interpret what they mean for you. Dreams are universal and every culture throughout history has tried to unlock the secrets of the unconscious mind through the interpretation of dreams. Understanding the unique meanings of dream symbols can help in the way you experience your waking everyday lives and even foretell the future. Divided into easy-to-follow A--Z themed sections, from Animals, Conflict and Foreign Countries, to Monsters, Sex and Weather, this book holds compelling definitions of thousands of dream symbols that can also be found in the quick-reference Dream Directory at the back of the book. Find out about the variety of dream types -- such as cathartic, lucid and precognitive dreams -- plus dreams in history and folklore. Discover different traditions of dream interpretation and dream theorists -- for example, analytical psychologist Carl Jung thought that cats in dreams represent the secretive side of a person's nature, and they can also denote a desire for sex or a warning of hidden dangers. Whatever your dream symbol or experience, you'll find an amazing treasure trove of interpretations here in The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams.
A great 'coffee table book'. 704 Pages, HardCover.
Out of Print
The Astral Projection Kit
Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips
Virtually any spiritual teacher will tell you that one of the most common questions they receive is, "How do I learn to astral project?" Some people can learn it from books, others need a personal teacher. Obviously, we can't provide a personal instructor for everyone, so we've done the next-best thing. We have put the best book available on astral projection into a kit with a special tape that provides a perfect induction to a state where you can astral project. This is The Astral Projection Kit by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips. If all this kit offered were these two items, it would be well worth your time, but we wanted to give you more. So, we've included a special card you can use as a focus for meditation. Its colors and simple design help you to separate your consciousness from your body. Use it with the tape to take journeys to amazing, astral lands. We've also included a special instruction booklet that explains how to use all of these tools. Together, the four tools found in The Astral Projection Kit make up the best method ever for helping you to get out of your body. Get your kit today. 266 pages, Paperback, 90min Audio Cassette, Instruction Booklet, Mediation Card. Order Astral Projection Incense
The Merlin Tarot Pack (Books and Deck Set)
R.J. Stewart
This NEW edition, Merlin Tarot takes you back to a time of legend, fantasy and enchantment. Drawn from authentic twelfth-century sources, the 78 beautifully designed Tarot cards are based entirely on the adventures of Merlin. The accompanying handbook explains the meaning of each card and its relationship to the ancient Merlin texts, as well as how to use the cards for meditation, visualization and divination. You can keep a special record of all your Tarot readings in your own blank hardcover journal. Complete with 78 card deck, handbook and journal.
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White Spells For Love
Ileana Abrev
All you need is a little white magic to make your dreams of love come true!

White Spells for Love is for anyone who's ever fantasized about their soul mate, waited by the phone for a special someone to call, fumed over an ex, wallowed in the abyss of heartbreak, or let the passion die in a long-term relationship. Addressing love from all angles, this easy-to-use spellbook can help you attract the lover of your dreams, heal emotionally, nurture self-love, dispel negative love magic, stay committed during rocky times, and nudge your sweetheart into doing the dishes once in a while. By the author of White Spells, White Spells for Protection and White Spells On The Go, this gift-sized guide is packed with over fifty simple and effective spells for beginners. 145 Pages, Paperback.
Out Of Print
Little Book Of Moon Magic
Teresa Moorey
Anyone who has ever looked up into the night sky and wondered at the moon will love turning through the pages of The Little Book of Moon Magic, a wonderful primer for all things Moon. Ever stop to wonder why songs are written about "Blue Moons"? This fact-filled Little Book will explicate this along with other fun trivia. Discover which crystals, aromatic oils, and herbs work best for lunar spells. Realize the meaning of Moon signs and their special magic. Become acquainted with the Moon by watching, learning, and charting her phases. * The Moon always keeps the same side turned toward us-we never see her other face.* Kissing your hand to the Moon is an old custom for bringing good luck.* During the New Moon, make plans and new beginnings. Put new resolutions into practice. During the Waning Moon, scrutinize things and shed the unnecessary.
Beam the magic of the Moon into your own life through simple spells, choice charms, and inviting invocations. The Little Book of Moon Magic is packed with helpful hints, interesting history, and lunar lore to make the Moon's magic work for you. 160 pages, Paperback.

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