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Creating Your Own Spells and Rituals

by SunsetSeashell
   I get a lot of requests for spells; "Can you send me a spell to do this?" or "I need spells!" amongst others.
   The short answer is, yes, I can, but I won't. Before you start thinking that sounds mean, let me explain: I believe that the most successful and effective spells are the ones that you write/create and other peoples' spells should be used only to help you brainstorm.
   There is nothing wrong with using spells in books or on web pages. When you are first starting out, creating your own spells may seem overwhelming. You might be afraid you will mess up and/or offend someone or something... so starting with prewritten spells is easier, for some, in the beginning.
   There are many reasons why I prefer people to learn how to create their own spells. A lot of new Witches might try a spell word-for-word out of a book and not know what many components of the spell mean or what they are for. Therefore, the spell will not work. It's not the words you say that make the spell work, it's the intent and the energy. If you don't know the meaning of what you are doing, how can it be an effective spell?
   If you write your own spell or ritual, you will know the meaning and significance of every word and action contained in that spell, thus your magickal working will be full of power.
   Following is a short "recipe", that I use when I write my own spells and rituals. It includes many questions I will need to answer before working your spell. Many answers to the questions are found on the Message Board here; others are found in books (Spellcraft by Lilith McLelland is a good beginner book for those wanting to learn how to Craft their own Spells) or in other web pages.

Know the Basics
Know what magick is. Know different ways to raise, direct and ground energy. Know how to cast a magick circle. Know how to open a circle. Know the basic outline of a spell.

Know the Intent or Purpose
What is it you are trying to do? Heal an illness? Increase your concentration? Bring love into your life? Sell a house? Celebrate a Sabbat? Before you begin any magickal working, you should have a firm grasp on what outcome you are seeking.

Know the Best Time to Work the Spell
Do you know what type of magick should be worked during the waning moon and what type during the waxing moon? What type of magick is best worked on the full moon? The new moon? What days of the week are best for what types of magick? Learn how the moon phases and days of the week affect magickal workings so you will know when to work your spell.

Know Correspondences
Learn which colors will bring what results. Learn a little about herbalism; which herbs can be used for what magickal purposes. Learn about image magick and how it works. Learn about elemental magick; which elements can be used for what types of magick.

Basic Working Spell Outline

Ritual Preparation
Choose a time. Decide the intent. Choose an aspect of the Divine, if you wish. Decide how to raise energy (ie: dance, chanting, drumming, etc.) Choose how to cast and close the circle.

Cleanse yourself and your magickal space.
You can do this with a ritual bath/shower for yourself, or through meditation to still and focus your mind. You can cleanse your space with your magickal broom or with incense or burning herbs.

Cast the Circle

Invocation of the Divine or The Elementals or The Watchtowers

Statement of purpose
This is simply to tell the Divine/Elementals/Watchtowers why you have called Him/Her/Them to the circle; what you are trying to accomplish.

Magickal Working
Raise energy, through chanting or drumming or however you have chosen to do so. Direct or channel this energy by using candles, herbs, stones or whatever other correspondences you found to fit your specific need. Ground your energy when you have completed the working.

Cakes and Wine (optional)
Eat a small piece of bread or biscuit/cookie and drink a little wine, milk, juice or water to help restore your energy. Since I usually do my spells late of a night (near midnight) I tend to just meditate for a little while and/or have a glass of water. Be practical - don't eat or drink anything that will not help you sleep.

Thanking the Divine/Elementals/Watchtowers

Closing the Circle

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A Word of Warning!

Never cast a spell in any of the following conditions:
  • if you have a weak or damaged aura from trauma or substance abuse
  • if you feel mentally confused or have an altered state of consciousness as a result of drinking or drugs
  • if your intent is to do harm to someone through manipulation of another's will or any another harmful acts.

And remember:

  • never work outside the protection of a well cast magic circle
  • magic does not work instantaneously.

     Don't wait expectantly for your spell's purpose to manifest. Instead, maintain your trust, and
     remain positive and responsive to the forces of the universe, which will be working with you.