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For Those Interested In or New to Witchcraft, Wicca and/or Paganism

by SunsetSeashell
I devised this for those interested in or beginning on the Wiccan/Pagan/Witchcraft path.

Before I continue, I'd just like to inform you that available on The Realm of White Magic site is a Recommended Reading book list plus many other great books.

Blessings to You

Some of what is contained in this message is my opinions and beliefs. I am never speaking for the whole only me.

Adaptation of original post by Lunar Flame (1998)
"I have heard many people saying, 'I need a spell for this, I need a spell for that' I have heard them want to be a witch because of not knowing the power or wanting it. I don't mean to say that your...well...ignorant..but mis-using something like this is serious stuff! Be careful and understand what your doing before you do it!"

Let me direct you to a wonderful web site that has great information for those who are new to the Witch path or want to know more about Wiccan Witchcraft.

The Witches' Voice

Since, for me, Witchcraft is a lifestyle choice not a spiritual belief system (even an atheist can be a witch). My spiritual beliefs come in the Paganism that I follow... not the Witchcraft. Men and women of any age, race, spiritual path can be a witch. So, if you are wondering if you can be Christian and be a witch- I say yes. What does YOUR heart or soul say?

Witchcraft is an earth-based/centred, scientific and magickal way of life or lifestyle. The belief in Divinity in any form is not needed nor required. Let me explain a little more....

  • Earth based/centred: the earth is sacred, to be looked after and cared for. You should be green, ecologically aware, follow the seasons.
  • Scientific: alot of the lifestyle of the witch esp. Herbalism requires scientific knowledge of the natural world in order to be able to understand and work with it.
  • Magickal: spells and any such magick is usually worked on an elemental level using the powers of fire, earth, air and water, power words and prayer. The type of magick I am talking about is sometimes referred to as Folk Magick.
  • Lifestyle: what you do, action, the way you live day by day.
  • On the topic of magick, spells and/or spellcasting:

    "Spells are the 'extra helping hand' to get something done, favours we ask from the unseen world around us. The 'helping hand' can't do much good for us if we aren't doing anything ourselves to reach our goals. I tend to think that the 'extra help' only comes through if we prove that we are serious by doing everything we can by mundane means to get what we want or need. Why should the spirits or the Lady and Lord help us by doing our work for us if we're not serious enough to do our part? In my opinion, spellcasting is dangerous when people choose to use it in place of mundane action. I think spells should only ever be performed in addition to mundane action. For example, if I wanted to help someone heal, I might perform some healing spells in addition to making sure that regular medical attention was sought, and the ill person was getting lots of rest and eating properly. It really bothers me whenever I hear about someone who seeks only 'alternative' (magickal) healing and abandons mundane medical attention and plain common sense. We seem to get stories in the newspaper every few years about some negligent parents who allow a child to die while going through "magickal healing" methods instead of regular medical attention, where the regular medical attention would have saved the child. A spell to get a job can't work if I don't send my resume in for advertised positions. A spell to heal a rift with my sweetheart can't work if I won't talk with him. A spell for world peace isn't much help if we still pick up guns and go to war with our neighbors."
    Ben Gruagach < > (Fri, 16 May 1997)

    Walk to the shops instead of driving the car. Eat breads, cereals, fruits, etc... a true witch (IMHO) will always look for mundane (real life) ways to solve a problem BEFORE seeking a magickal solution.

    The books I like to recommend people to read ..

    Spiral Dance by Starhawk
    I have found some of the exercises within this book invaluable as have others. The information within the book comes from a Dianic Wicca tradition. However, in the latest edition Starhawk has added at the back where her views have changed/expanded/grown. Men are quite welcome to read this book even though it has a feminist slant in some parts.

    Witchcraft Today Book Series by Chas S Clifton
    There are four books in this series. Each book has a theme which the articles by various American Pagans follow. At the end of each article is a recommended reading list or bibliography if you would like further information on an article's subject.
    Book 1: Modern Craft Movement, Book 2: Modern Rites of Passage, Book 3: Witchcraft and Shamanism, Book 4: Living Between Two Worlds.

    A Witches' Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar
    Whilst expensive it is well worth its weight in the information that is within it! It is a big book as it incorporates two books in this one book as well as a Glossary, Appendix and Bibliography. The information within is from a Traditional Alexandrian tradition.. so you are getting a glance at Traditional Wicca.

    Witchcraft and Paganism in Australia by Lynne Hume
    Even though it says in Australia, like the American books listed above, it has invaluable information. I have asked other Pagans who have read this book of their opinion... so far all have raved about the book and gotten something out of it.

    How To Be A Real Witch by Deborah Gray
    A great book to compliment what the beginner/neophyte is already learning. Unlike Sprial Dance this is not a Wicca-specific book and instead covers a more eclectic form of Witchcraft. Deborah dispels alot of the misinformation that is contained within many modern-day 'Wicca for Beginners' books. A great addition to the bookshelf and I look forward to the time when this book also becomes a classic.

    If you cannot afford or borrow these books, doing the following simple things can help prepare you to work with a coven/group:

  • The delay (in joining a coven, group) is a challenge: solitude is a test of one's dedication.
  • Think seriously about choosing a career that suits your values and talents and to study hard to prepare for it. The research, organisation skills, and habits of concentration will be useful for 'Craft' study and work. This especially applies to those who are under legal age and/or in University.
  • Be well informed about the progressive writings and workings within your own birth tradition.
  • Learn about other religions, especially those of tribal and shamanic peoples all around the world.
  • Use your local library to do research on myths, legends, etc. You don't necessarily have to buy a book. Libraries nowdays have internet access as well. Book in and search the web.
  • Such research should lead you thru the doors of museams. Take every opportunity to experience the Pagan cultures as holistically as possible.
  • The single most important thing you can do is MEDITATION. Doing this twice a week for 10 minutes will bring you immediate benefits in concentration and serenity.
  • Keep a personal journal covering your reading, meditation, dreams, and anything else of interest. Theme: "What does all this mean to me?"
  • If you have the ability or leanings towards any of the arts, develop it as far as possible!
  • NATURE STUDY: Grow herbs, learn to recognise herbs, camping, spend as much time outdoors and off the pavements with the senses and heart open. Be it 10 minutes or 10 hours!

    The Divine/Source of All Things/God has already blessed you with the answers to your questions. The answers to your questions can come from you, other people, a book, a picture..... It is just a matter of either listening or seeing.

    Always buy what you can afford. NEVER ever make yourself go broke over this. Apply some common sense to your new way of life.

  • Be practical!
  • Don't loose your sense of humour or fun!
  • Be responsible!
  • After reading all this you have a feeling that you won't have time for all this: TIME MANAGEMENT. Learn how to manage your time effectively so then you CAN make time for yourself.

    I am to be contacted through

    Many Blessings to you on your journey.

    Newbie Information
    I would recommend to those new to the Internet to visit the following to sites:

    NewbieNET ( Where Newbies become Knowbies! )

    Teenagers and Minors
    Please feel free to bookmark the following sites:

    Next Generation Witchcraft
    Becoming Pagan
    The Teenage Pagan

    Paganism and Wicca FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Networking Sites
    Put your name and details at these sites so you can meet others of a like mind..
    REMEMBER! If you plan to meet someone who you've had net-communication with in real life.. do so at a public place like a cafe, pool hall, shopping centre, etc.

    Australian eGroups
    Witches' Voice - Witches of The World
    Stella Australis

    For discussion lists for Pagans, Wiccans and Witches (Australia and World-wide) of any age and experience (even those who have none!)

    Visit Yahoo! eGroups ! ( Free Easy Email Groups )

    You might be interested in joinging the following: Witches Workshop , WPSG Australia (Wiccan and Pagan Study Group (Australia)), EarthwiseBOS, Witchcraft For Beginners.

    Christian Paganism, Witchcraft and Mysticism
    Come to your own conclusions as to whether or not Christianity and Paganism and/or Witchcraft can be combined into a viable spiritual path. These are links that I have always referred to those who are Christian and have an interest in persuing a Christian path along with Paganism and/or Witchcraft.

    Christianity and Wicca?from
    Religious is a wonderful website - consult it today!

    You may also try a search on any major search engine (such as Google) using any of the following search terms in any combination: " Christian Witch Pagan Mystic Esoteric "

    Thank You for visiting ...

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    A Word of Warning!

    Never cast a spell in any of the following conditions:
    • if you have a weak or damaged aura from trauma or substance abuse
    • if you feel mentally confused or have an altered state of consciousness as a result of drinking or drugs
    • if your intent is to do harm to someone through manipulation of another's will or any another harmful acts.

    And remember:

    • never work outside the protection of a well cast magic circle
    • magic does not work instantaneously.

         Don't wait expectantly for your spell's purpose to manifest. Instead, maintain your trust, and
         remain positive and responsive to the forces of the universe, which will be working with you.