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In Reply to Your Spell Request

by SunsetSeashell

To the Author of the Spell Request:
Please do not see the below as a lecture. My aim is to help guide you in the direction that will empower/benefit you. Please, don't be afraid to question and disagree with what I've written. For these are just my opinions which I've based upon my knowledge and experiences. Ultiamtely, we must all do what we think is most beneficial and empowering for ourselves.

DISCLAIMER: There is nothing wrong with using the spells within many of the Spell Books, Spell Kits and pages here @ The Realm of White Magic. When you are starting out, creating your own spells may seem overwhelming. You might be afraid you will mess up and/or offend someone or something... so starting with prewritten spells is easier in the beginning. Another reason may be that you feel you do not have the desire or time to learn. I can empathise. I can only give you my beliefs in regards to Spells and Spell-Craft. These may not be in agreement and/or reflect The Realm of White Magic. What this means is that my opinions as just that - my opinons and beliefs.

Belief in magick...
What are YOUR beliefs in magick? Do you regard the knowledge and practice of magick as conflicting with your current beliefs? Are you willing to transform your beliefs?
If you're not willing to transform your current beliefs, so there is no conflict, then don't expect to gain knowledge in magick. Certainly don't expect to actively practice magick. Only when you find no conflict with believing in magick (and your ability to use it), then you'll be able to open yourself to a whole new world.
I'll provide you with my own personal definition of magick so you can start to see how you are limiting yourself to the knowledge of magick.
My definition of magick is the use of my mind to focus energy to bring about change in my reality. Magick is practical and simple. Magick is the moving of a vase of flowers from Point A to Point B with my hands. Magick is the use of candles and incantation to bring change. Magick is communication: using the power of words and gestures/body language. Magick is prayer. Magick is a spell. Magick is my ability to breathe. Magick is my entire reality.

Prayer as an alternative to spells...
Prayer is one of the most actively used forms of magick today. The power of prayer to manifest your desires into reality is accessible to everyone. Prayer is a very acceptable alternative to spells. It can also be a more effective alternative for some.
Prayer and spells are very similiar. They both have an opening, body and closing. The difference lies in the tools required. Prayer only requires yourself and the unquestionable belief in your and God's (or Goddess, etc) power to manifest your desires. Whilst spells will, usually, require external tools such as candles, incense, oils, herbs, crystals and so forth.

Ethics of magick...
It's up to you to create your own ethics in regard to magick.
A good place to start is to determine what you consider right and wrong. Then, once you start to actively use magick, you'll be able to expand your ethics to include what you've learnt from your experiences. It's that simple!
For instance, I don't believe in the Wiccan Rede, The Law/Rule of ThreeFold Return or Karma. If you find a belief in any of these is effective, then believe in them. Use your Free Will, make your own conscious choices as to what you do and don't believe.
I do believe in respect for myself, respect for others and responsiblility for all my thoughts and actions. For me, this simple ethic works best than any rede or rules. It's what I've always based my moral code of what is right/wrong upon.

White, gray and black magick...
What do you consider to be white, gray and black magick?
Magick, itself, is all these yet none of them at the same time. It is neutral.
Whenever you examine a spell, whether it be your own or not, to determine what type of magick it would be labelled examine the INTENT.
White magick is whatever you regard as ethical and 'right'. Black magick is, obviously, the opposite: what you regard as unethical and 'wrong'. Gray magick, on the other hand, can be a mixture of white/black magick or if the intent is unclear.
I don't practice black magick because I can see the ultimate destruction it can have on myself (not just the other person). I see black magick as sending a message to myself saying that I don't have the ability to manifest my desires except through the manipulation of other people. I'm disempowering and disrespecting myself, not just the other person. As you can see, I definately don't fear black magick. I just have a healthy self-respect and feel empowered enought to manifest my desires without manipulating another person.

Spells are like knickers/underpants...
A good way to grasp the concept of spells is to think of them like knickers/underpants. Do you regard your knickers/underpants as the most intimate part of your apparel? If so, would you readily share or swap your knickers/underpants with other people you don't know? Do you *prefer* to buy your knickers/underpants brand new or 2nd hand?
Personally, I would answer these questions as follows: Yes, I do regard my knickers/underpants as an intimate part of myself. No, the only people who would see my knickers/underpants are my boyfriend, father and younger brother. I prefer to buy my knickers brand new as someone hasn't worn them. No matter how much I wash 2nd hand knickers the fact remains that someone else, originally, wore them.
Like knickers/underpants, spells come in different types and sizes. I wouldn't wear someone's size 14-16 knickers/underpants when I am a 10-12, so I won't use other peoples' spells. Besides, I find it more rewarding knowing that a spell I crafted myself worked than that of someone else. I can take full credit and not have to give the credit for the success (manifestation of desire) of the spell to someone else. I also feel more empowered knowing that I can craft my own spells: I am a SpellCrafter.
Following the spells are like knickers/underpants analogy, we come to the template of a spell. If I wanted to create my own knickers/underpants, I would have to follow a design template. I do the same for spells. The design template I use to craft my own spells can be found here. The only time I use other peoples' spells is when I find myself stuck for inspiration when I'm crafting my own spell. I use these spells to brainstorm my own. It would go against everything I believe in to plagerise another SpellCrafter's spell.

Further information on Spell-Craft
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A Word of Warning!

Never cast a spell in any of the following conditions:
  • if you have a weak or damaged aura from trauma or substance abuse
  • if you feel mentally confused or have an altered state of consciousness as a result of drinking or drugs
  • if your intent is to do harm to someone through manipulation of another's will or any another harmful acts.

And remember:

  • never work outside the protection of a well cast magic circle
  • magic does not work instantaneously.

     Don't wait expectantly for your spell's purpose to manifest. Instead, maintain your trust, and
     remain positive and responsive to the forces of the universe, which will be working with you.