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Posted by SunsetSeashell on April 09, 2000 (Updated: 29 June 2004)

It is always best to use other peoples' spells to brainstorm your own .

Creating a spell is similar to building your own home. Building your own home is a big project (drawing of plans, purchase of land, construction of the foundations, framework, walls and roofing..etc..) that is why most people buy a house already built - it is the easier and more convienent solution. If you want something truely unique and different (and specifically suited to you), you must make it yourself. To make your own spells, you need to know the basics of spell-craft: "Write Your Own Spells and Rituals". Hence use other peoples' spells to brainstorm your own, just like you would look at other homes to brainstorm the one you want to build.

I'm not saying one way is better than the other. Use the way that is best suited to you: if you find that ready-made spells work for you.. use them!

Personally, I've always found that just having the knowledge of how to create my own spells can enhance the effectiveness of any ready-made spell (because then I can adapt it to my goals and desires).

DISCLAIMER: There is nothing wrong with using the spells within many of the Spell Books, Spell Kits and pages here @ The Realm of White Magic. When you are starting out, creating your own spells may seem overwhelming. You might be afraid you will mess up and/or offend someone or something... so starting with prewritten spells is easier in the beginning. Another reason may be that you feel you do not have the desire or time to learn. I can empathise. I can only give you my beliefs in regards to Spells and Spell-Craft. These may not be in agreement and/or reflect The Realm of White Magic. What this means is that my opinions as just that - my opinons and beliefs.

Here are some Internet Sites I've found helpful in brainstorming my own spells:

Herb Substitution Table
HOW TO: Write/Create Your Own Spells

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A Word of Warning!

Never cast a spell in any of the following conditions:
  • if you have a weak or damaged aura from trauma or substance abuse
  • if you feel mentally confused or have an altered state of consciousness as a result of drinking or drugs
  • if your intent is to do harm to someone through manipulation of another's will or any another harmful acts.

And remember:

  • never work outside the protection of a well cast magic circle
  • magic does not work instantaneously.

     Don't wait expectantly for your spell's purpose to manifest. Instead, maintain your trust, and
     remain positive and responsive to the forces of the universe, which will be working with you.