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Deborah Gray Magick

Glamazon & Kinky Courture

Celebrated enchantress and internationally bestselling author, Deborah Gray, has introduced many to the wonder and magick the world holds for those with the courage to find it within themselves.

How To Be Fabulous, Famous and Flawless

Cover of Book - Glamazon : How To Be Fabulous, Famous and Flawless by Deborah Gray and Athena Starwomen - click for larger image
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Glamazon women can be powerful, empowering to others and still enjoy perfume and powder puffs! Women can now have it all ; career, children, respect and equality in the workplace (and a dash of magick and glamour).

Good girls may go to Heaven, but Glamazons go everywhere, and they do it in the best of winning style! They always look fabulous and fashionably hip, know how to stir up the perfect martini, get invited to all the A-list parties and can spot the right man (and the purr-fect new shoes) from 100 paces away!

Wickedly entertaining with priceless insights about the world of glamour and how to get there, Glamazons: How to be fabulous, famous and flawless is a humourous and sophisticated guide to how women can discover their inner allure and use it to create a life full of potential, power and...Prada. You'll discover the modern girl's winning lifestyle, the path to glamour, fashion and fame and flourish in a self-made world of opportunity and, of course, fabulousness. Click for image of back cover!

Athena Star Women

The two best-selling authors who brought you
the smash hit - 'How To Turn your Ex-Boyfriend Into A Toad' are back!
~ Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray ~

Deborah Gray

Kinky Couture by Deborah Gray - New Release 2005

Kinky Couture
A diva's guide to sex, style and erotica

Chapter List-:
  • Kinky Couture—sex has a fashion makeover
  • Be a Burlesque Bombshell—the art of the tease
  • Which Erotic Diva are you?—whatever the diva wants, she gets
  • Interview with a Sex Empress—Lessons in Lust
  • Bewitched in the Bedroom—The Secrets of Sex Magick
  • Potions and Perfumes—the scents of passion
  • Star Studs — The sexy men of the Zodiac
  • Fetish Fashions – tie me up in your love
  • Tantalising Tantra—karma karma here
  • Nice Girl’s Guide to Sex Shopping
  • Climax Cocktails—marvellous martinis
  • Raunchy Recipes—The foods of eros

  • Download Book Samples - Under Construction
    **Raunchy Recipes - Chapter 12
    Deborah Gray continues to entrance her many fans by revealing the secrets of sexy sorcery and kinky couture.
    Treat your love-life to a sexy new make-over as Kinky Couture will guide you through the revolution involving the latest in 'love' toys, saucy recipes and interviews with erotic divas.
    Go on a totally sensual journey into the fresh modern face of sex, woven together with a dash of erotic magick, the latest in stunning lingerie and all the wickedly kinky couture styles!

    **Written for Deborah's many adult readers - suitable for 18years and over.
    Deborah Gray

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