Chakra Incense Sticks
A unique product to aid self-development.
$5.10 Per Pack of 12  

Australian Made

*  Expand Your Consciousness  *  Nurture Your Own Well Being  *  Open up to your Higher Self  *  Establish Your Power Centres  *  Develop Heightened Awareness  *  Encourage Creative Growth  *  Awaken Your Psychic Abilities  *  Release Stress & Tension  *  Re awaken your Physical & Sexual Energy Centres  *  Improve Concentration  *  Release Blockages

Chakra Incense Sticks are available in 7 different fragrances, one for each Chakra centre. Long burning sticks last for up to 90 minutes. (approx 37cm)

Discover How To Use Chakra Incense Sticks

Available in a set of seven or individual packs.

$35.00 Per Set of 7 packs (One of each fragrance)
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Crown...............Use to discover your higher self and improve communication.
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Third Eye..........Use to awaken your psychic and cognitive abilities.
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Throat...............Use to release communication blockages, fear and fright.
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Heart.................Use to centre your inner self and develop love in your life.
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Solar Plexus......Use to establish your power centre and creativity.
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Sacral................Develop physical & sexual energy and direct your personal power.
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Base..................Use to connect yourself to the Earth plane and increase practicality.
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A tonal scent, appropriate to each Chakra has been infused into convenient incense sticks. When lit, Chakra Incense Sticks release an essential balancing scent and vibrations, harmonising your energy centres and restoring their natural balance, so regaining your true vitality and vigour.

Each Chakra centre responds to a proven tonal scent, researched and developed jointly by White Light Creations in Sydney and Quintessence in London. The special fragrance is applied to the stick by hand and each large stick burns for approximately ninety minutes.

How To Use Chakra Sticks

Discover how effective Chakra Incense Sticks are with a practical exercise to focus your meditation, as described below.

Light a Chakra Incense Stick of your choice and concentrate on locating the various centres of energy. Once you have 'sensed' that you have found your centres, you can concentrate on the Chakra centre of your choice linked with your chosen incense.

Visualise and sense your Inner Power by raising the Kundalini.

Lay on your back in a comfortable position - close your eyes, relax and slowly guide the palm of your hand just over the centres but not touching your body. Begin from the Base Chakra (MULADHARA) located at a point between the anus and the genitals. Then over the Spleen/Sacral (MANIPURA) centre located just below the navel area and then in turn the Solar Plexus (SVADHISTHANA), the Heart (ANAHATA), the Throat (VISUDDHA), the Third Eye (AJNA) located in the centre of the forehead, and lastly through the Crown Chakra (SAHASRARA) in the centre of the head visualised as an open lotus petal.
(We include for your information the original Sanskrit names for each centre in brackets)

With practice you will be able to sense each Chakra centre with ease; opening and closing them to either release or contain the appropriate energy and desired effect.

Chakra sticks can be used with the Chakra Healing Kit    

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